02 / 23 / 17


A beautiful Thursday little young ones. I hope you had a goodnight sleep last night and have enough strength to face a new day. Cheer up it’s Thursday and just one more day to go and together we will greet the weekend with a big smile. Are you excited? I hope you are.

But first, in order for me to fully enjoy my weekend, I need to focus on the task that my reporting team lead asked me to do. And I am honestly and seriously not liking it. I mean, I am up for the challenge because the task is new to me but on the other hand I don’t find it normal for an employee who only has five more working days left to be assigned with a task that needs so much preparation and brainstorming. *smirking* I just don’t understand it but I’ll work on it anyway (to kill time while they are still paying me in the office). I’ll just give my best shot on this besides I find this task less burdening than theirs so who am I to complain, right?

I’ll just breathe in the good and breathe out the bad.

And yes, today’s another shot for our Throwback Thursday segment and I have three epic pictures from my previous getaways. I hope you will like them. 🙂

  1. Sand on our feet or our feet on the sand? – HAHA! This photo was taken a year ago when my beloved high school friends decided to take a break from the city. In short, random, crazy, and unplanned moments. And it’s our second South Bound trip for that year too. Thanks to Chieve (My best friend’s car) and to Abin (Keshang’s boyfriend) who became our driver for that day. That was in Tingko, Alcoy, Cebu. It’s a public beach and the entrance fee is just cheap (P10.00 per head). We really had a lot of fun swimming and playing with the waves. We took a lot of groupfies too. And I am excited for our next escapade this coming April – City of Smiles see you very soon. But can you guess where my feet is? HAHA! #feetgazing #waveslap tbt01
  2. Bike Riding to the Boulevard – This was taken last year when we (Joiz, Keshang, Ayano, Aldin, and Me) decided to tour around the boulevard and just took a breather near the beautiful shore of Siargao. We rented a bike for P50.00 each and that was good for 3 hours only. But if you want to rent a bike for one whole day then you will only pay it for P150.00. Isn’t it amazing? Anyhow, I am sharing this photo to you little young ones because I find it so cute. Cute in a way that the bikes were parked properly while we were sitting so calmly in the shore benches. We were reminiscing about our high school days, laughing at our own crazy mistakes and embarrassing moments, past dreams, and our plans for the future. Though we always say that we never leave high school but we can also never deny the fact that we are all growing and trying our hardest to live with our dreams and keeping track with our goals. #friendships #bikeriding #stargazingtbt2
  3. Peace Sign in Pagudpud – I know that it’s just a simple pose with the sea but what made this photo so memorable was that I was already at the tip or shall I say at the end of Luzon. It means that the location from where I was standing is just 10, 669 miles away to Batanes Island. Goodness! I admit that I love my whole stay in Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte but I have also  wish to visit Batanes Island someday. Someday. 🙂tbt3

This is all for now little young ones. I hope that you will have something memorable to do for this day so that you can add these in your memory box. More treasured memories, more stories to share. Do you agree? How about you little young ones, what are your top 3 throwback pictures or memories for today that you would like to share?

Anyhow, keep smiling and living little young ones. Life’s a gift. Let’s spend it well.

Hugs and kisses,

From Your Pandora ♥


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