02 / 28 / 17

tuesday thoughts


  • Current Mood: AMBIVALENT! I am both scared and excited. March 1st is just two nights away and I’m out of this building. I will soon be officially ‘unemployed’ after 2 years and 5 months of being in the BPO industry. I am scared since my start date in the hospital is still tentative though I already have a response from them that I will be part of the latest batch of trainees but I really don’t know on what to do for the vacant days that I have while waiting aside from doing my normal routine and blogging. I’m also excited because FINALLY I’ll be able to go back to sleep at night *like all normal people should do* and I can now practice my craft and profession as a nurse. Hello Nurse Love again. šŸ™‚ ambivalent
  • Listening to: “Versace on the Floor” by Bruno Mars. I love all the female covers and acoustic renditions too. I actually have recorded my own cover but I’m too shy to share. HAHA! Maybe later.
  • Thinking of: Nothing in particular. I’m just trying to sort out and prioritize all the things that are popping in and out of my functional brain right now and that includes stress. My mind is full of so many things like how I should I budget my finances especially now that I don’t have work already, what to do on vacant time, what are my other options so that I can still earn while I’m still on training – those kind of things but one thing is for sure though, I am ready for whatever may come along my way. I just need to focus and grab every opportunity that I could possibly get. tumblr_mckwmzfxmr1qc4uvwo1_400
  • Eating: NOTHING but I’m drinking iced coffee. But seriously I would love to eat Samgyeopsal with lots of lettuce and kimchi (it’s a popular Korean dish which is consist of fatty pork belly), spicy buffalo wings, ginabot (it’s famous exotic street food which is consist of internal viscera or abdominal cavity of a pig), and choco almond fudge ice cream. stefan2
  • Planning to: Continue with my journal and finish my two late blog post. I am also going to visit someone dear to me in the hospital tomorrow.
  • Hoping to: Get rid of all the unnecessary thoughts inside my brain and just focus on the good. I mean, I have always been a believer of positive vibes though I keep track with the negative things as well. Nothing is really certain in this world but I’ll keep my hopes up and to never put my goals off guard because I know that all my efforts and hard work and patience will be put to good use someday, one day. šŸ™‚ 139172-positive-bunny

Enjoy your Tuesday little young ones! Please stay safe and IĀ  hope that you are all up for some new adventures, new moments, and new wonderful memories to make.

Hugs and kisses and everything nice,

From Your Pandora ā™„

P.S. positive1


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