Ze Cousin ♥

Finally! I’ll be able to post this super late blog post with my cousin for the second time around. Why second? Because I really I don’t know what happened. I just published it then suddenly out of nowhere as I was checking it back, the one that I published was empty. Did I panic? Yes, I did but who should I blame then? It’s just me and my work computer. Anyhow, I’m starting it all over again so that I could post it today. HAHA!

So little young ones, let me introduce to you to my beautiful and simple yet crazy cousin, Mary Grace but I prefer to call her Gracy or by our favorite pet name Bayot. HEHE! She’s the one wearing that flowery top *same with her personality*. She’s very bubbly and bright. She doesn’t easily get angry unless you provoke her with so much effort though. LOL.

Gracy and I are very close with each other. I could still recall how we ditched our school practices, extra curricular meetings, and activities just to watch and cheer for our favorite basketball team and players play during CESAFI days (Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc.). Remembering those times where we beg Sir Danny to give us free basketball passes so that we would not miss a single game during the inter – collegiate competition because having passes means less hassle. We also have the same favorite team in the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association). So obviously, we are such a basketball fanatic.

We also share the same sentiments when it comes to family and personal struggles. We both are the eldest in the family, so we somewhat face the same issues again and again. We are both working to help with our family’s finances too. But it’s not just all about problems but we are also crazy about adventures and any activities that could increase our adrenaline. Though she is more of a shy type but when she is into something, she never backs out. It really runs in our blood. HAHA!

So yeah! I miss her so badly and I know that she misses me too so we decided to have a movie date together. It’s not like that we don’t see each other often or that we don’t conversed with each other that much but it’s been a while since we spend one whole day doing the things that we both love to do.  And remember when I told you that the first time that I watched the movie, “My Ex and Whys” was not with my friend, Dua? Yes, because the first time that I watched that movie I was with my cousin.

Gracy went to our place around 11 in the morning and endorsed her new business to my other cousins and shop workers. She is selling oil – based perfumes and I kind of like what she is doing now. She’s really working hard to make use of her time, wisely and efficiently. Then we went to Ayala Center and had our lunch there but of course, we purchased the movie tickets first. I treated her for lunch in Bon Chon and grabbed something to drink in Chatime. I let her taste my favorite milktea too because she should not miss it for the world. LOL.

While on our way to the cinema, we made a deal that whoever tears up or cry while watching or after watching the movie will pay for the ice cream right after. And I was so freaking sure that it will be me because again I am highly emotional when it comes to that but guess what, I didn’t but Gracy did. LOL. I was so proud with myself because I survived watching the movie without crying or tearing up just for a bit. And it was the first time that I saw her cry like that. HAHA! Maybe she could relate? 

We then planned to have something sweet but since we’re still full, we both decided to go to Timezone. Because we both love arcades.

We also tried the big Polaroid Camera.


And of course, we could not and should not miss the Basketball Throw Zone. HAHA!

Then after tiring ourselves and burning those calories off, we then hurriedly went to Gelatissimo Cafe and used the coupon that we’ve got from the movie pass. And there we spent 2 long hours just chit – chatting and sharing about our whereabouts, our plans for the future, our goals for the present, and of course love life. But it’s more of Gracy’s turn to share because I have nothing serious to share about. HAHA. That day was memorable because that’s when my dearest cousin shared the detailed reasons why she did not end up being a couple with ‘that guy’ before. And I was so happy that she didn’t, that they did not end up together for two reasons: (1) Consistency is the key and that guy was undeniably not consistent and (2) That guy didn’t have enough balls to meet my cousin’s parents but he was so overly expressive on telling my cousin how much he loves her, like how come?

I know, I admit that I am being over protective to my cousin but freaking yes, I am. I love my cousin so much and I know her too well and I believe she loves me the same. I just don’t want to see her hurt and doubt herself. And if I am protective to her, I tell you she is more protective to me. She’s like my mother. HAHA! Oh well! Here are some of our twofies while we were in the cafe.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And there it goes, this was our Post – Valentines Date with my dearest cousin. And I am rooting for more gala and adventures together and I hope next time, it would be somewhere summer feels – BEACH! Vitamin Sea! HAHA!

How about you little young ones? Do you have a cousin close to you too? How do you spend your quality time together, care to share? I’ll be waiting. 🙂 ♥


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