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Make some noise little young ones because it’s just one more day to go and it’s already Friday! But let’s focus on our THURSDAY first, the now. And yes today’s officially my last day here in the office. I must bid goodbye to my cubicle and work computer, my beloved friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and the boss chiefs (the friendly guards) in the building. It’s hard but I must. Just like what my favorite trainer said, “It’s going to be hard but my efforts and sacrifices will be paid off at the right time with the right attitude.” And I could not disagree with her.

Anyways, today’s another round of our Throwback Thursday segment and I am going to share to you my Bacolod Escapade last year with Joiz and Clara. Why Bacolod? Simply because it’s the City of Smiles and this coming April, I will be going back there together with my dearest high school barkadas. And I am truly excited for it, like big time.

So here are my top 3 favorites:

  1. My Superman – I know that this picture was scripted but I just could not contain the happiness that I felt while standing face to face with Superman. I’m such a fan girl here, don’t you think? HAHA! This was in Campuestohan Highland Resort but for me it’s not just a resort by a theme park as well. They have rope course, hamster ride, zip line, sky bike, statues of marvel superheroes and cartoon characters and everything nice that people from all ages could truly enjoy especially the kids andย  kids at heart. And I am coming back for more when I get back there, the zip line most especially. And oh, Superman please wait for me! HAHA!c360_2017-02-28-19-59-53-183
  2. Mambukal Falls – Forgive my pose here little young ones but I was just feeling the moment at that time. Because just imagine that the three of us, Joiz, Clara, and I, climbed that slippery, rocky, and steep trail of the mountain to closely encounter the 7 falls without any hiking gadgets, no trail foods and no hiking shoes *we were wearing our flipflops that time because we thought that the falls are just easy – peasy to climb* but we got it all wrong. HAHA! And that falls at my back was the 7th and it’s the biggest of them all too. We were able to feel the cold surge of the water from the top and took a lot of groupfies to cherish. ๐Ÿ™‚c360_2017-02-28-20-00-21-901
  3. The Ruins – Alas! For me this was the highlight of our last day in Bacolod, The Ruins. It was so enchanting and the story behind it was even more magical. Good thing when we went there around two in the afternoon, there were only few tourists who were roaming around the corridors so the three of us were able to take as much pictures as we want without so many photo bombers. The ambiance is addicting because of the trees and colorful flowers. The entire place including the fountain, the wide field filled with flowers near the lake, and the important artifacts and documents were properly preserved by the people assigned here and I truly commend them for their hard work and dedication.c360_2017-02-28-19-59-32-952

So these were the highlights of my travel experience in Bacolod. Have you been here already? If yes, then how was your experience? Have you tried Kansi? And if not, I hope that someday you would be able to visit and enjoy their most visited local tourist attractions and local foods too. And when you do then drop by here in my blog and feel free to share what you’ve experienced. I’ll be happy to read them.

And so this ends our Throwback Thursday segment for today. I hope that you will have a good and terrific Thursday with the ones you love and rest assured that I will also do the same little young ones.

Hugs and kisses and everything nice,

From Your Pandora โ™ฅ



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