Selfie and Specs.

Waaaaaah! So this post was so last, last Friday when I was so freaking bored and free.

So here’s what happened. I was advised by my reporting lead not to go to work on Friday since it’s a holiday. And I was actually turned between going and not going. Most of the Team YOLO will not be reporting to work but Team 112 will be busy with their mock calls and they were inviting me to pitch in. But my body needs to sleep big time after so much planning and organizing with the proposed plan for the company activity. And so I finally decided to stay at home.

Friday was a holiday because it’s the 80th Charter Day of our dear Cebu City.

And since I was available that day, I just snuggled myself in bed doing nothing aside from checking my Messenger and Instagram for some updates and chatting with my best friend Bossly, my cousin Gracy, and Joiz and discuss about some plans for our Bacolod trip.

Then after some time, I got pretty bored so I randomly went to Saint Vincent General Hospital to check if the HR Department Head is there so that I could ask about some updates for the training but like I said, it was a holiday so there’s no office. I laughed at myself thinking just for the sake that I could do something outside my room but then I failed. Haha! So smart of me.

Then I went to Ayala Center to pick up my new eyeglasses and good thing because it was already prepped. Yes, it was hassle-free and no waiting game for me but at the back of my mind I was thinking, “I don’t want to go home yet” kind of feeling. I was thinking of calling my best friend, Bossly but I forgot I didn’t have load and connecting to a free WiFi was so scarce. So I was just holding my phone patiently while the sales attendant was wrapping my new specs and then suddenly, my phone rang. It was Bossly. Thank you! Oh this is me with my glasses on. πŸ‘“ 

We talked a lot of things. Mostly about him and his conditions and whereabouts. He looked fine. When I asked him if he was happy? He said, he is and I believe him. He is a free man and he deserves to be happy. And while we were eating and teasing each other about random things, he suddenly said that I changed. It made me wonder as to what kind of change he saw in me but I hope that he sees the good kind of change though he said that a little bad won’t hurt. So am I turning into something bad? HAHA! This is my Bossly trying to make face by the way.

Then we went to the grocery department and bought my favorite Korean noodle to have that as my midnight snack which I really did eat that night.

And after some strolling and teasing and more talking, we then decided to go home. It was a fun day with the bully, I mean with my best friend. It was a fun and productive day after all. β˜ΊπŸ‘¦πŸ‘§


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