03 / 08 / 17

who goat wednesday

Happy afternoon little young ones! It’s another Who – goat Wednesday segment for us and I’m a bit hyped *maybe it’s because of the coffee* and I’m thinking if I would succeed in sharing something hugot – ish. LOL!

Oh today’s not so sunny and the weather forecaster said that it might rain here in Cebu City later this afternoon or maybe tonight. A low pressure is indicated too somewhere near Mindanao area. I just hope it won’t become a typhoon.

Alright, so here’s my piece for today.

Do you agree? Can you relate? Do you think he or she will eventually miss you like that? Or would it be the other way around?

I keep on saying this over and over again – to myself and to everyone, “It’s alright if you miss him or her.” We will always have that kind of moment. We simply couldn’t erase or remove a particular memory of someone in our system. It stays there whether we like it or not, unless we have something wrong going on with our brain like an amnesia or something.

But hey, cheer up kiddo! Let that memory, be it good or bad to stay to where it is right now – a memory. That’s part of who we are now. Let it be. 

At some point, there maybe some regrets and that we felt guilty for not doing or saying this or that but human as we are we sometimes got too overly emotional. We get carried away by our feelings or the situation. But someday, those memories will be overruled and be replaced with another memory, a beautiful one. Then it would make us realize why it happened and ended that way and why it didn’t work out with him or her. There is always a reason why.

And yes, we might still miss him or her from time to time but don’t let it blind us. We have to open ourselves to start again, to begin again. To appreciate life, to love ourselves more, and to be grateful to those people or significant someone who stayed with us after everything.

Maybe time will come that that someone will come across a certain memory of you – maybe he or she will miss you, think of you, felt regretful for letting things happened that way or maybe not. But please, whatever he or she may feel upon bumping into that memory lane of you – never let hate eat you alive. Do not wish for him or her to suffer or not to be happy. Do the other way around instead. Life becomes better that way. Do you agree with me?

Again, I’m being too dramatic. HAHA! I just miss a friend. Oh well! Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday little young ones. Stay cool and be positive that there will always be someone out there waiting for you, missing you. The Man above does, always.

Lots of love,

From Your Pandora ♥

P. S. Always remember.


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