03 / 09 / 17

Thursday! Thursday! Thursday!

Thursday! Thursday! Thursday! 

How are you little young ones? Wherever you are right now, I hope you are happy just like me and safe as always. And yes, today’s another Throwback Thursday segment and I’m kinda posting it late *again* because I had an appointment this morning then I accompanied a new found friend processing his requirements *because he is not from Cebu* then I took a nap and a lot more. 

Anyways, like I said – I am happy today because indeed it’s a terrific and tremendous Thursday for me. Why? Because I took my examination this morning and the result was positive! And now what I need to do is just comply to the remaining requirements that the hospital needs and I am good to go.

Honestly, I felt giddy this morning while I was putting on my white uniform. I was so happy, my heart’s so alive. Then I patted my shoulder and told myself that my decision was right and I’m going to continue doing the things that makes me feel so alive. This is my time. And I believe that we should all do that. Right?

And so today, I’m going to share some of my old Facebook posts. I hope that you can learn something. I am honestly not sure as to why I posted these before but I’m happy that I did. These posts remind me of the things that I should really focus on to and that’s to live and not just merely exist. 🙂

  1. Timehop #1 – Of course! This post struck the most and I couldn’t disagree. The fact that we believe that everything happens for a reason means that we have to make every second count for we don’t know when will be our last. Time will not always be on our side no matter how hard we try to befriend it so what we need to do is to really seize every moment and grab every possible opportunity that may come our way but a friendly reminder, YOLO wisely. 👣
  2. Timehop #2 – I posted this because I was questioning myself back then if I’m going to really welcome someone in my life. Trust is not just a big word for me, it means a lot to me. Same with respect, trust is something that we should earn. But as what my Lola told me, “Love means trust and vice versa.”  and my Mamadearest also mentioned it one time that I should never demand or expect someone to give me 100% of their love and trust if I could not give it myself. And yes, they’re both right. Love begets love and it’s the same with trust.  
  3. Timehop #3 – Another empowering post and a good reminder for me and to you too little young ones. I know that deep within us, we are born to have a nurturing sense of responsibility. And I must say that, every little thing done with kindness could really go a long way. Let’s always remember little young ones that we all have different battles to face so let’s be kind.  

Alrighty little young ones these are my top picks from my Timehop Application and I hope that you were able to ponder on it. It’s almost 9 in the evening, so goodnight for now and stay tune for my piece tomorrow. Don’t forget to pray. Keep moving forward. Stay alive and blessed. 

Hugs and kisses and everything nice,

From Your Pandora ♥



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