Picture Challenge 1.17

fun fact friday

A picture of my favorite memory.

My Mamadearest, my sister, my Papadearest carrying Baby Zachy, my brother, and then Me.

This is my favorite picture of my family during our Bohol Trip last 2 years ago.  It was taken while we were having our quality time in the famous Floating Restaurant in Loboc River. We went to Bohol to celebrate my Papadearest and my sister’s birthday. I planned it for almost 6 months and it took me enough time to save as well.

It’s my favorite because we had so much fun there. No hassle, no business or school or work related topics – it’s just us, purely enjoying our time together in that beautiful place. I sincerely saw the joy painted in my parents face and the kind of memory that I have shared with them, my brother, my sister, and my nephew. I hope and pray that we could have more moments like this. Not literally escaping from reality but just a time off from the world where we could just breathe all the goodness and positivity that the world could offer us before we go back to our spot and live on. I miss this kind of moments with them that’s why I am planning to have another getaway, somewhere South this time. It’s a secret. No worries little young ones, I’m going to share this escapade to you once it’s done and I just couldn’t wait. *fingers cross*

How’s your Friday going little young ones? I hope you’re having a very jolly and productive day with your loved ones. And oh! wear something to protect you from Mr. Sun’s bright rays and drink plenty of fluids too because sunburn and heat stroke is on. Stay safe. 

Hugs and kisses and everything nice, 

From Your Pandora β™₯

P.S. I’ll collect so many candid shots on our next family escapade and that’s for sure. 😘 


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