03 / 13 / 17

music monday

Hello little young ones! It’s a rainy Monday today but it did not stop me from doing my laundry. So I believe that I’m being productive today, do you agree? LOL. How about you little young ones, are you having a productive day too? I hope you are and whatever it is that you are doing right now, do it with love.

And again today’s another round of our Music Monday segment and I’m going to share my second favorite song from Ed Sheeran’s new album. Last Monday it was “Happier” and so today it would be “Perfect”. Please listen and enjoy.

This is “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran.πŸ’™

Goodness! This song is just epic. I know that there is no perfect love and that there is no perfect person to fall in love with. But we have our own definition of ‘perfect’ in this world, don’t we?

And honestly, I’m still gathering the right words to beautifully define what ‘perfect’ means to me. But in this song, Ed described his love for this woman as a perfect kind of love. Truth be told in his lyrics, he said. 

WelI found a woman, stronger than anyone I know

She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home

And so the birth of the epic “Perfect Love” begins. Well for now, there is only one perfect love that I know  and it’s the Man aboves love for us. But me having a perfect love for someone like of the opposite and romantically, well I haven’t found him yet. And I would patiently wait until that time comes for me to also feel and experience that perfect kind of love just like what my parents have. And I would earnestly pray that I would be truly ready when he is. I trust in Him. 

And though sometimes love is considered as a disaster for some who’ve been deeply hurt and scarred but it would also be a beautiful disaster to experience. I know, I’ll have my time for that beautiful disaster, for that perfect love to happened to me – someday. 

And we’ll wait for that day little young ones, alright? But for now, let’s focus on doing the things that would make us truly happy. Let’s continue to love ourselves more and more, bit by bit each waking day of our lives. Like I said, let’s do every little thing with love.

And it’s almost 7 o’ clock little young ones! So enjoy your dinner. Enjoy your time wisely with your loved ones. Enjoy life.

Hugs and kisses and everything nice,

From Your Pandora πŸ’™


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