03 / 14 / 17

tuesday thoughts

  • Current Mood: AMAZED! Munchy’s ability to sniff all those dead rats is just so cool. But it bothers me of she’ll eat them because I’ll surely freak out. 😡😨
  • Listening to: “Dive”Β by Ed Sheeran. I’m planning to make my own cover of this song. I’ll look for a perfect timing though because it’s noisy out here.
  • Thinking of: My hands and arms full of abrasions. HAHA! I just finished another round of laundry and this time I washed all the white clothes and that includes my duty uniform all set for Monday. So that’s how I got these.Β 
  • Eating: Piattos and Oishi Pillows. Cheese and sweet flavor combo. πŸ˜†
  • Planning to: To answer 100 nursing questions starting today. Though I’ve been doing this as my way to review but I must be consistent this time. I need to focus more and more and to really hit the passing grade instead of pasang awa rate. HAHA! IΒ will also start doodling my journal *applying those DIY tutorials from YouTube* to make my journal more artsy and colorful.
  • Hoping to: Have my medical on the 15th and that’s tomorrow. I can’t proceed with my medical because of my monthly visitor. I need to submit all the requirements on Friday. I hope to submit everything on time.

Good afternoon little young ones.Β Is Tuesday an amazing and wonderful day for you? I hope so and I also hope that you are all summer ready not just your summer bod but ultimately your plans for the entire summer with your family, friends, and all your loved ones. I really can’t wait to let my feet touch the sand too and enjoy the sea breeze. But I’ll have my summer vacation soon with my high school friends and I will really let summer happened to me this year.

Hugs and kisses and everything nice,

From Your Pandora πŸ’™


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