03 / 15 / 17

who goat wednesday

Wishful morning little young ones. Wake up! Wake up! Today’s Wednesday so let’s start our day right. I won’t be asking you to be toiling so hard but not too much slacking off as well. Remember, we have to cherish every waking day here on Earth. What I am trying to say is that whatever we do today let’s make sure that it is for the good and it’s something that our future self would thank us for.

So today, I am going to share another hugot – ish piece for our Who – goat Wednesday segment. And it’s just so timely that The Vampire Diaries Finale was out and I just can’t! I honestly did not watch the last episode yet but I checked some spoilers and short video clips of the most important scenes and it made me cry just by watching those, how much more if I watch the whole episode already.

Ever since the start of the show, I have been a Team Delena fan both real and reel. I just love them. Then I also shipped Team Steroline *though I was arguing with myself if it should be Team Klaroline*. Like I shipped Stefan and Caroline so bad for so many reasons. Imagine from being friends, to best friends, to almost enemies, then to lovers. They even got married! That’s why the epic ending of the show gave me so much sepanx (Separation anxiety). 

And so today, I’m going to share my most favorite scene of the two aside from their instant, unprepared vows during their wedding of course. And here it is:

Look at that stare from Stefan! Have you seen that episode? That epic dance scene? I knew from that scene on that Julie Plec would really shift their story into something more. And that’s the start of their story, their epic love story.

Alright. So why this scene is my favorite? Because in that scene, Caroline was being too honest to Stefan without the intention of leading Stefan to her. Leading in a sense that she’s not trying to give Stefan a signal to like her or love her instead but rather she is comforting Stefan’s poor heart after the Delena thing. Caroline was there for him as a friend and a companion for she knew that Stefan needed it more than anything. Telling him that someday he would be able to moved on from his one great love for Elena and also for the sake of his beloved brother. That one day without realizing it that he  too would also find his one epic love. They even recalled this scene during their wedding vows. And that’s why this scene is my favorite. There is genuine connection between the two. How they started, how they struggled, and how they survived it together without realizing that they were really meant to be with each other and for each other. And that’s why it didn’t work out with the other characters in the show because theirs will be epic.

And yes, maybe I’m being biased because like I said I shipped them so hard but who else here loves them too? I believed that I am not alone cheering for these two characters to be sailing together and I am also not alone sharing the same heartache after the ending. Right?

I know that it’s part of the show. To add spice and to get the viewers sympathy and support. But little young ones this can also happen in reality. That after so many heartbreaking and almost giving up moments of our lives, time will come that someone out there would help us pick ourselves up, patch the broken pieces if it’s a must, make us see the better side of who we are even with our flaws and imperfections, and someone that would lead us to appreciate life to a much greater perspective.

Oh well! Life is full of mystery and we must be observant enough to truly see its beauty. Do you agree? And I’m planning to watch the last episode later and for sure I will cry so hard so I’m going to prepare a box of tissue or boxes? HAHA!

Anyways, have a happy day little young ones. Stay tuned for more updates from my weekly segments and random blog posts. Stay safe and enjoy life to the fullest. I love you.

Lots of love,

From Your Pandora 💙

P. S. This pup wants to make you smile too.


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