03 / 16 / 17

Thursday Madness it is! Hello little young ones. How are you? Good evening to you. I just got home after my busy day of going back and forth to the hospital and laboratory for my medical examination and assessment as part of my requirements for my pre-employment in the hospital. Oh! I’ll start my training on Monday that’s why i have to double my time. 

Maybe you’re wondering why I just had my medical when I had so much free time last week. Well, I was financially and physically not prepared but let’s not talk about money matters here. LOL. What’s important now is that I’m almost done completing my requirements and I’m going to submit them tomorrow. It means that I’ll have another round of tic-tac-toe tomorrow in the hospital but I have no issues with it because it’s for my future. Let’s keep moving forward! Adelante! 

And yes today’s another round of our Throwback Thursday and I’m going to share to you some of my stolen, candid, and not choreographed shots. Why stolen shots? SIMPLE, they are more realistic and expressive snaps but no offense to those planned photo shoots of course because I’m also a fan of it.

So here’s my Throwback Thursday photos. 

  1. The Runaway Girl –  This was taken in our office when I was still in Real Appeal. It was our last day as Personalization Experts / Coach and we were enjoying our time running around the lobby and playing hide and seek. Then out of nowhere Chreshy took a photo of me. I handed Chreshy my phone because I would like her to take selfies since she wanted to change her profile picture and though she did but I did not know that she took a photo of me. It was beautifully captured. I find myself so playful in the picture and that’s why I like it. πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘Ÿ 
  2. Bungisngis Girl – Bungisngis means laughing your heart out loud as if there is no tomorrow and yes, that’s how I looked in that picture. I could still remember Ate Twinkle took so many shots of me there in the ground floor of our building. It was my interview that night and that’s why I decided to wear something ‘so me’. Then Ate Twinkle told me to pose like a pro model which I really did but then we burst into laughter right after. I didn’t know that she also took a picture of me laughing so hard. LOL. πŸ˜‚ 
  3. Mainit sa Labas Pose – This pose was taken during our on the spot visit there in Temple of Leah with our trainer Argie. I was with Tatay Gucci, Momma Jewel, Yan, and Maria. We all felt sober – ish that day so we decided to have a morning getaway far from the city. And it was Maria who took this stolen shot while she was taking a selfie in the area where I was sitting. I was honestly enjoying the view and the moment that time. I was savoring that scene while thinking of my next move after my graceful exit in the company. I showed this pic to my cousin and she said that it was a good blogger pose for me. HAHA! 😎 

Alrighty little young ones. I wasn’t able to buy a new nursing cap for today but I’ll try my luck tomorrow. Baby Zachy is in the house with my Papadearest and it’s just Kuya Janjan that’s missing and we will all be set. I miss my brother and I hope he misses me too. Anyhow, even if I said that I was doing a lot of things today but I’m still enjoying my time because this is just the start of something more career – like path for me as a nurse. So let’s keep the positive vibes up and alive! 

How about you little young ones. Are you also busy? I hope not but if you are just think of the reason why you’re having a busy day. If it’s worth doing and having then just go for it and leave no room for negative vibes. Okay? So this is all for now little young ones. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday. Spread love always. 

Hugs and kisses and everything nice,

From Your Pandora πŸ’™


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