Picture Challenge 1. 18

fun fact friday

A picture of my favorite book. 

This is my favorite book written by Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist. The first time I read this back when I was still in college. I borrowed it from Khimmy and believed it or not but I read it three times. Why? The first time I read it there were so many difficult words that I have to really know about and that’s the reason I wasn’t able to focus on the story. The second one, I got confused with the plot and the twist so I decided to read it for the third time and I loved it. I appreciated how Paulo Coelho gave so much details about perseverance, about courage, and of hope. That the greatest treasure that every man could ever hope for is found from within.

Fantastic Friday little young ones. How about you, what’s your favorite book? Care to share? Anyways, enjoy your Friday afternoon with your loved ones. Stay safe always. 

Hugs and kisses and everything nice, 

From Your Pandora πŸ’™


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