03 / 27 / 17

music monday


Good evening little young ones! I’m back. I miss blogging and I miss you little you, do you miss me too? Anyways, while I’m waiting for my duty uniform to soften *which it sounded like I’m cooking it*, I’m going to share my most favorite song from Ed Sheeran’s new album as promised and also because today’s another round of our Music Monday segment. 

And oh! Just a heads up little young ones, I might be updating you for my weekly segments the same time like today because I’m off from the hospital around 5 in the afternoon or maybe later than that because we are already in our Week 2 which comprises of series of return demonstrations and practice examinations. But I will do whatever it takes to really spend quality time with my blog despite my ‘real and reel’ busy schedule. Alright? 

So here’s “Dive” by Ed Sheeran.

OKAY, I must admit that there are so many songs in Ed’s album that really struck me so hard, made me cry, and even questioned myself for some reasons. But why is this song my favorite? My answer would be, “Why not? I love it.” Like seriously. It has a deeper meaning to me especially the chorus because I can relate to it. It says:

So don’t call me baby. 

Unless you mean it. 

So don’t tell me you need me. 

If you don’t believe it. 

So let me know the truth. 

Before I dive right into you.

It’s very on point, right? Who’s with me? Romantically saying, it’s like you’re telling someone you love him or her but you don’t really know what love is. Yes, love can be expressed in different forms and anytime but falling in love – that’s a different thing.

Personally, I don’t easily trust people and falling in love requires so much about trust. It’s the first and the strongest foundation for a relationship to work. And we all know that trusting someone really takes time. Same goes with falling in love. So the next time we feel something special, something unique, and something that tickles our inner self to love someone in a higher degree or extent then we should also be responsible to keep our heart guarded. Wow! It seems like I’m a pro about this but I’m not. What I’m trying to say is, we should always remember that when we say something or do something to someone, we must also know the consequences for it. We should always mean what we say or do not just because we can say it or do it.

My Papa would always remind me that I must be genuine to every words and actions that I express especially if I get my heart and mind involved. Technically saying, to someone that I will madly fall in love with in the future.  And I agree with my father but I just would like to add something and that’s pain. Pain is inevitable. It’s part of who and what we are. And yes, we should keep our hearts guarded but we must also admit that a little pain every now and then could also make our hearts stronger. Funny right? But it’s true. So before we dive into something or before putting our hearts at stake *though nothing is really certain* we must believe that in every little thing that we do, with whatever decisions we make, and in every choice that we take – we should be brave enough to carry on. It may hurt us so deep, break us apart, or turn our world upside down but we should really tough it through. That’s the essence of living, that’s what real love is.

Good evening once again little young ones. I hope you already had your dinner. So before we sleep tonight, let’s think of those moments that we had where we have said or done something that we really didn’t mean to say or do. And starting today, let’s promise ourselves that we will not do it again. That we will only say or do the things that we truly mean because we deserve it and the people around us deserve it too. Alrighty? 

So it’s study time for me now little young ones. Have a good night sleep. Don’t forget to pray. I love you. 

Hugs and kisses,

From Your Pandora πŸ’™


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