An Open Letter to Someone Trying Their Very Best Despite the Bad.

I have thought of writing an open letter a couple of times since I started blogging but I didn’t get enough courage to do so. Not yet, I told myself. Not until I finally decided to do it for real, tonight.

If you’re wondering why I am doing this now, well I only have one answer – I am having a very difficult time lately and this is my way of cheering myself up. When I vent out all my fears, concerns, and worries through blogging *writing*, it makes me happy because I can see the positive side of me compared to when I just silently sulk myself in my room, like a vampire afraid of the daylight. And yes, I know it’s a cliché to be sharing good vibes to each one of you when I’m not putting actions into it and for not truly making it to reality right? YES! You have a point about that and that’s why I’m doing this now. I’m sharing this to you because I have finally realized that running away from my problems will not do good for me, like never.

Honestly, my reason for being so down and useless in the last couple of weeks is just so petty compared to the real struggle that the Syrians are facing right now or to those refugees who are still seeking for a safe place to live. I am aware of that. That’s why I feel so ashamed to feel so much pain inside of me, too much self – blaming to the point of giving up when in fact my problems are just nothing compared to their unbearable condition.

My heart aches every single time I see or hear news about innocent kids dying, wives losing their husbands and the other way around, mothers and fathers losing their children in just a blink of an eye, children losing their parents, and families losing home. I couldn’t help but weep whenever I see news flash of bombings, terrorist attacks, kidnappings, and intentional killings to those poor innocent souls. And with all of these savage and cruel reality here and there I told myself, I have no right to feel so empty and so lost because my problem is nothing compared to theirs. So that’s why I am sharing this personal piece to you little young ones. And just a heads up, I am not obliging you to reflect the same way that I did but I hope that you could learn something out from this.

So here it goes:

To those people trying their best despite the bad, this one’s for you.

Wherever you are remember that it’s alright to be sad and lonely. It’s okay if all you did today is just breathe. Just come to think of it, if you’re breathing means that you’re still alive.

Do not carry all the burdens of the world. Although we are well – aware that the land is our battleground but this is not just our fight alone, it’s His too. He promised that He will not leave us alone remember? Then let’s give our trust in Him for He knows us too well.

In this world full of chaos and pain, crying is an option but giving up is not. Poor out all your tears, shed them all off and when you’re done stand up again and tough it through again and again and again.

Earthlings it’s alright to take enough time to pause, to escape a bit, to take a detour, to have some break from the world but we must also remember that time is not always on our side. For no matter how hard we try to befriend time but we cannot, so we must also be assertive and proactive to the kind of pace that we are in.

And indeed, success demands fair effort, not more and not less, but just the right kind of effort and willingness to surpass each waking day with a joyful heart and a contented soul. 

And lastly, I know that I am not in the position to be spreading this kind of words right now but my conscience is clear that as I am exhilarating optimism and hope to you little young ones, it also radiates to my senses that with a strong faith in the Man above and with our eagerness to do better in becoming better for the better then nothing is impossible.

If today is not as good as yesterday or if today didn’t go well as planned then let’s breathe out the bad and breathe in all the possibilities that the world could offer. Let’s continue to tough it through.

Are you with me?

With so much hope,

Your Pandora ♥

And there goes my first ever open letter. I’m tearing up while re – reading with what I just made and I am proud to say that though I have a lot of issues with my life right now *going in and out of my control* but I’ll be able to continue moving forward for I am fighter. My faith is strong and my God is bigger than my fears. He is unfailing and He will never let me fight alone. So is He to you, always remember that.

Goodnight for now little young ones. I’ll update you as much as I could. I’ll keep in touch no matter what so I hope that you’ll never grow tired from reading my blog. Pray before you sleep. I love you. 🙂


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