04 / 19 / 17

who goat wednesday


Good evening and a great Wednesday to you little young ones. How are you doing? Is Ms. Luna shining bright right now in your place? I hope she does because it’s so bright out here. They say it’s “Green Moon” tonight. Is it true?

Anyhow, I am really thinking if I would be able to pull off my Who-goat Wednesday segment for today or not since I couldn’t think of any hugot line to share. I don’t feel like being sentimental today so instead of sharing another hugot line I thought of sharing a question instead. Would that be alright?

And my question is:


Did this question cross your mind like ever? If not, then to whom would you like to ask this question with? If yes, who was the first person that comes into your mind? Quite difficult right? I took a deep sigh actually when I first saw this question. And though I have been familiar with it but I couldn’t compose myself as to whom I should be asking this question just yet or maybe never? Who knows. *shoulder shrug*


That’s all I got after so much of thinking. Somebody that I used to know actually threw this question straight to my face before. I was innocently caught off guard and all I ever said was, “Then you would never know how coward you are.” 

He nodded. That’s all he did for he knew I was right. He kept on insisting that he was stupid. That he was not the right person for me. That my family and friends were right about him. Well, I couldn’t disagree for he was right at some point except for the part that he would really insist that he was stupid because he wasn’t. For me he was more of a coward rather than stupid. He wasn’t ready just yet and I have been aware of it from the very beginning. That’s why we ended up having ‘no label’. When things got pretty serious that was also the time that he started to fear about commitment and such. So I helped him realize. At first, it went so smooth like a fairy tale like kind of thing but it became impossible after he made something unforgivable. And that’s how our story ended. But no worries, we’re still friends – for real. Why?Because having regrets to people and the things that you used to love will definitely leave scars and I don’t like it. And I believed that you don’t like it either, right?

So yes! This is my reflection for that question. How about you little young ones? Have you ever ask this question to someone? And if that someone ask you this question, would you dare answer him or her straight? Can’t wait to hear your answer here in my blog. I’ll be waiting, alrighty?

I’m out for now. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday. Keep safe and stay happy. I love you earthlings.

Hugs and kisses and all the little things,

From Your Pandora ♥

P. S. Always remember.



3 thoughts on “04 / 19 / 17

  1. tigercup says:

    hi there after reading this article of yours, names started coming in my mind and there is only one person to whom i never wanna ask this ques cause i know i will going in this whole new world after college but i still wanna be in touch with that person. and the whole article was amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

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