04 / 20 / 17

A beautiful Thursday to you my dear little young ones! I am very grateful today because it’s my Papadearest special day! He is now 54 years young. HEHE! And it’s no secret to you that I have always been a Papa’s little girl. He is, still, and will always be my confidant and my number 1 fan and cheerleader. And today I’ll be featuring him in Throwback Thursday segment along with my birthday wishes and message for him *though he doesn’t know that I have a blog*. HAHA! But I won’t let this day pass without telling him personally how blessed I am to have a worldly father like him.

So before I tear up, here’s my throwback pixies with my Papa Pio. :)♥

  1. Papa’s little girl – This picture was taken 5 or 6 years ago with my dearest college friends. We’re spending quality time in the basketball court sharing about our dreams and goals for the next five to ten years of our existence. My Papa was our witness. My Papa has always been sweet and approachable to all of my friends. He really would like my friends to treat him like their own father too. My closest friends would call him ‘Papa Pipz’ and he likes it a lot. So my first birthday wish for my Papa is that he would stay holistically healthy and strong. I know he’s very busy with our small business in the province, with his chairmanship in the organization that he is in, and taking good care of my brother and nephew. And that’s why it worries me a lot because I am not always there to remind him about his vitamins, his meals, and to bugged him often to rest and chill. So that’s my first wish and prayer to the Man above that He would give my Papa enough strength to carry on for the longest time possible in this world.papa01formytbt
  2. Pio and Pia – This picture was taken 4 years ago. It was actually after were done voting during the local election in our province. Now can you spot the difference little young ones? HEHE! I know right! I really look like my Papa. That’s why my Papa’s friends would call me “Pio the 2nd” or “Pia” since my Papa’s name is Pio. We actually have the same eyes and puffy cheeks. We have the same principles in life too. Most of the values that I have been treasuring all my life were influenced by my Papa and some from my Mama too. So my second birthday wish for my Papa is that he would continue doing charity works for as long as he can. Though sometimes doing charity works would take him so much time and effort and that could lead him to only spend less quality time with us but I would never ever forget what my Papa told me about “true service” and how much it means to him. He wanted to be productive in a way that all his works and actions could bring happiness and greater perspective to those who need it that most. And that he is not after being recognized or appreciated, or so as with the awards or merit – he is more on the result and the effect it could bring to his fellowmen. And as a daughter, I am the proudest. That’s why I would like to support him all the way no matter what.papa02formytbt
  3. Papadearest and Me – This picture was taken 3 years ago during our Christmas Party. My Papa was the happiest because he was able to fulfill his wish of having a mini – reunion with the whole clan after awhile. He was the busiest at that time too, preparing the food and the gifts and the game. So my third birthday wish for my Papa is that he would stay honest and open to me like he always does. My Papa and I have always maintained a very open communication. Even if at times our ideas may clashed and do not coincide with each other, sometimes we bicker with the advantages and disadvantages of our thoughts and plans but we always keep that respect for each other and that makes me the happiest. He is not just a father to me but my best friend too. My deepest pain is no secret to him even if I kept it to myself, he would know. He knows and that’s why I love him to infinity and beyond. papa03formytbt

Alright this all for now little young ones. Keep safe always and never let this day end without telling the people that you love how much you love and treasure them. And I’ll start it today, I love you little young ones.

Hugs and kisses and all the little things,

From Your Pandora 💙

P.S. To my Papadearest.


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