05 / 04 / 17


Happy Thursday afternoon little young ones!

I am feeling good and hype today. How about you? I hope that you’re having a very good and productive day too. And I would like to share that I just finished preparing for my snack in this sunny afternoon. Watermelon shake anyone? HEHE! And while doing so, I thought of adding something or recreating my weekly segment. Something that I could alternately post with my original weekly topics. And since today is Thursday which is supposed to be my Throwback Thursday segment, I came up with a new one.

Here’s to my first ever “Three Things Thursday”. I know that this is not the first time that you’ve heard of it but I still want to give it a shot. I mean, why not? Are you with me little young ones?

So the first three things that I would like to convey would be:

3 things that I wish would cease to exist are…

  1. Violence in all forms and ways.
  2. Cancer.
  3. Malnutrition or anything related to hunger.

Do you agree with me little young ones? Or do you have another 3 things in mind? I’ll be waiting to hear your own 3 things Thursday then.

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday.

Lots of love and all the little things,

From Your Pandora 💙

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