Poet – try ♥


To the moon and back.

He loves her just like that.

Little did he know.

She loves him more than that.



15 thoughts on “Poet – try ♥

      • Yeah so true……still haven’t experienced the 10% of love in my life but I am still very happy I wonder what will happen I cross a significant magnitude of love….nice thoughts keep it up.. And just one suggestion what u write is simple and beautiful but its too short I think u should try doing longer ones it is a risky task but if u nail it would just look perfect……. And pls don’t get me wrong what u write is good but if u go for longer poems I think I would be more magnificent …..and this is just how I feel.

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      • Thank you so much for your suggestion. I have been waiting for someone to really give constructive feedback or comments in what I posts in my blog. I am honestly trying to write longer poems that could still hit the same impact as what my current unspoken poetry is on. I couldn’t promise you that it would be magnificent but I would really try. 🙂


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