My Year Ender Blog Post

Hi little young ones.

Let me start by saying, “Thank you”. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your 2017. I may not be able to spend longer time sharing all of my thoughts to you this year which I really wish I did but still I am thankful for all of you.

I honestly posted this one already on my Facebook and I want to share my deepest confession to you too.

So here it goes.

This year, most people only know about how ecstatic I am when it comes to my family, adventure, profession, friends and food. How I love to travel, to explore, and to experience life. How I maximize my time to spend quality moments with my friends, my puppy, my family and with my precious bed as well because it’s no secret that I love sleep too. People see my face painted with a smile for all the reasons that they could ever think of. And yes, without a doubt I could truly say, I’m blessed.

But not all people know that I lost track with so many things too. I get swayed emotionally. Depression hit me though not hard enough but I was so sure it made me sad and alone. I panicked when my relationship with my family got even worse especially with my Mom. I doubted my capabilities when people pushed my limits to master adulthood when all I ever wanted is freedom. I criticized my own judgment when everything I hoped for didn’t work out as planned. The eyes of the many taught me to belittle my decision making and time management even if I knew that I was right and they’re not. Life indeed happened to me just like any others. And this year left me scarred and bruised and broke but it also reminded me to be tougher and more patient and frugal.

This is my 2017 and I’m letting it go with pure acceptance in my heart that I can still do better and become better. I am ready to embrace 2018 for more ups and downs and detours. I’ll trust my pace this time and not what the multiverse wants me to. I trust you, Lord. Lead me.

Prosperous New Year Earthlings and my dear little young ones.🍀👣


Your Pandora ♥