Poet – try 💙


Her smile and stare.

That he’d definitely never notice.




Breaking free.



Hello my dear little young ones!

How are you doing? Did you start your day right or did Monday blues sink in in your nerves already? I hope it’s not the latter. Honestly, I really don’t know how to start blogging again after my long hiatus. I have plenty of excuses to say but the most truthful reason that I could give to you is my lack of time management.

I really got caught up with my hospital schedule and my shifts are pretty the same like you are in a roller coaster ride. My sleeping and eating habit drastically changed and I already lost 2 kilograms in my three months as a probationary. And in that three months, it changed me – my decision making, my responses, my priorities. Is this what they’re referring to as ‘growing up stage’? I guess.

Let me just summed up what really happened to me – I already had my first blood as an ER Nurse (handling a patient from the start of it’s critical stage to it’s last breathe), had an Incident Report (which I sternly believed wasn’t my fault), heard some ‘not so constructive criticisms’ from my fellow nurses, my schedule and salary caused my Mama’s anger and turned our relationship upside down for awhile, and missed a couple of bonding with my family and friends (especially with Baby Zachy). They’re all not so good right?

BUT despite all of these circumstances, it taught me three important life lessons:

  • When all else fails, I have a Big God who will never fail me.
  • I have to stand on my decisions whether it makes or breaks me.
  • It’s alright to cry… like a baby.

Actually, I have already learned about these but this time I deal with them with conviction and with a steady heart. Although there were still some moments when things get a little shaky, scary, and completely drains the positive vibes out of me, I have my closest friends and puppy as my first aid *like they’ve always been like my Big Man above*. 

So why breaking free?

Why not? I have so many things to break free in my baggage and it wouldn’t hurt to break some and let go of some. So what are those? Disclaimer:  I have a lot of stuff to share but here are some of them and the most important ones for me.



Little young ones, they’re just two for now but it already lightens my load. Carrying too much and restraining myself to let go of these traits kill my freedom to achieve satisfaction and happiness. And I’m in good spirit knowing that I have been consistently doing right for myself, this time.

So this is all for now my dear little young ones. How about you, what are those things, traits, or practices that you would like to break free? How willing are you to unload your baggage? Care to share here in my blog post by simply leaving a comment or if you would like to add something just feel free to do so. I’ll be waiting.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday little young ones. Your Pandora’s back and allow me to say this, I miss you and love you. ♥