Poet – try 💙

Sunkissed Confession.

Today she confessed to the sea.

Of how much she loves you.

She thought it would be better.

For the water could go as deep and as wide.

Just like her heart.

The tides might weaken her.

The lashing waves would hurt.

But she will not fret.

Because even if that same water would not

be able to touch her again.

She gives hope to her heart’s declaration.

That it will reach out to you.

Leading yourself to her.

One day.



Poet – try 💙

She’s like the ocean.

She has her low and high tides too.

And just like the ocean,

that never leaves the sand.

So does she.

She’ll stay and will never leave you.


P. S. Missing the safe zone, the good kind of bad. 😶