07 / 05 / 18



Good morning little young ones!

I’m on a graveyard shift right now and luckily there is no patient so I am grabbing my time to update you on my Weekly segment. And since today is Thursday, we will be talking about three random things. And the first idea that I have in mind is:


Well, I hope I got you thinking right now my dear little young ones. But as for me, here are my three phrases or words that’s quite hard for me to say.

  1. I am sorry.
  2. I trust you.
  3. No.



It’s hard for me to say it because people nowadays are becoming so insensitive and pretty abusive about their so – called “freedom of expression”. Call me sarcastic but sometimes, when their words are way too much to handle and could literally hurt me or someone that I am close with, I really answer them back without being sorry for it.

Do you want to know why? Because there is a need for them to know what LIMITATION means.

I say sorry and truly mean it if I caused pain in any form but to apologize for standing my ground and for what I think is morally right for myself and to those around me – I really won’t back out. But don’t worry little young ones, I know my limitations too. I may be too vocal about my thoughts but I always keep my patience on point.


Truth be told, I have trust issues. I don’t want to elaborate on this anymore because it’s reasonably dragging if I tell you about the real thing as to when I started doubting people particularly, men. But NO, I am not a man hater. It’s just hard for me to trust their beautiful words anymore especially if it doesn’t coincide with their actions and efforts. And I’m talking about – consistency. So you’re so lucky if I ever told you that I trust you because when I do, I certainly mean it.

And lastly,


For me, it’s hard to say no because we only live once and I want to grab whatever opportunity comes my way. Honestly, it makes me more of a people – pleaser rather than a goalgetter for some people. But I don’t care. Like I said, for as long as I am not hurting anyone, I will always be all in for it.

So these are my three phrases or words that are hard to say for this terrific Thursday. Now it’s your turn little young ones to share your own thoughts about our weekly segment for this day and I hope that I’m keeping your ideas up for a fresh start.

I hope that you’ll still tune in for more of our Weekly segment and share your own versions too. I can’t wait to read your comments and suggestions as well.

Stay safe and healthy little young ones. Have a wonderful Thursday ahead.


Your Pandora ♥

06 / 28 / 17



Hi little young ones! Bright Wednesday to you all. Do you find my Wednesday segment header cute? Because I really think it is. 

Anyways, how are you doing today little young ones? Is life easy on you today or is it a bit pushy? If you’re having an easy day today then that’s good to hear. I hope that you will continue doing on what you are good at to maintain an easy and smooth sailing life. But if it’s the other way around, then I am knocking on your inner self and say something out loud “DO NOT EVER GIVE UP”, alright? Now can you hear me? 🙂

Obviously I’m calling my new Wednesday segment as “What if Wednesday”. I know that  a lot of people asked this question so many times but most of them were left unanswered, right? And like you little young ones, I have a lot of ‘what if’ questions too and I’m going to share some of them here in my blog. I have answers to some of my what if questions but for others, I left them unanswered because I have no regrets for saying or doing it. 😉

So my first “What if” question is:

What if I did not become a nurse?


This is an easy one.

Yes, I admit that if I did not took up nursing in college then I would have taken up Psychology as my preparatory for my goal to become a lawyer. But it’s no secret as well that I love to teach. So if I wasn’t a nurse then probably I’d become a preschool teacher. I love writing, reading, and literally teaching kids. I love playing around with them and singing bubbly action songs. I love to inculcate into the minds of the little ones of how important life is. That happiness is rare but it can be everywhere if we become one or create one. I want the little ones to have a very beautiful childhood memory, something that they could treasure for life. 

Do you think I’d be a good teacher if I was one? What do you think little young ones? 🙂 

Anyhow, if you aren’t what your career is now then what would you have become little young ones? Care to share. I’ll be waiting. ☺️☺️☺️

06 / 08 / 2017

Rainy afternoon little young ones!

Your busy yet lazy Pandora is back for an update. Yes! You’re reading it right. I know it’s been awhile since I last updated my weekly segment *given that I already added some counterparts of my usual weekly topics*. First and foremost, I would like to say, forgive me for only dropping by here not so often and I seriously don’t want to make any excuses as well. I will give my very best to really manage my time well despite everything.

And today’s a gloomy Thursday here in Cebu City and it’s a bed weather kind of day for me too but like I said, I will keep up not to mess up with my daily chores and workloads, since I have plenty of them to focus on to. Let me start it by sharing my Throwback Thursday segment for today.

Since I’m already a Probationary Nurse and not a ‘trainee’ anymore in Saint Vincent General Hospital I’ll be sharing to you my old pictures with my co – trainees during our one month comprehensive skills assessment. Although we still have a long way to go before our regularization, I’m still happy to be able to meet amazing people like them. 🙂

  1. My First Uniform Selfie –  Shameless selfie it is! I feel so proud that after my two long years in the BPO industry, I am now back to what really makes me feel human – to be a nurse not just by profession but as a career as well. I did not regret working as a call center agent because I was paid well and I met a lot of important people. I was able to travel a lot and enjoy a lot of things to my heart’s content. But now that I’ve finally reached my goal in working back in a hospital setting – I won’t lose it again. I’m going to show the world, the universe rather that I am worth it and I am confidently beautiful with a heart. HAHA! So here it is. ♥ #puffycheeksdontcaretbt02
  2. Endoscopy Unit Training Groufie – There is a time for serious lecture and orientation and a time for crazy groufie like this! whenever we are together, we talked from serious to crazy stuff. We laughed a lot and eat a lot too. We love to bully and tease each other until there were some moments of silence but it was never really awkward for us. We give our best to help each other during exams and return demonstrations. We also spent good times at lunch or some quick night – outs despite our not so aligned work schedule. Because we find ways. HEHE! #theonlygirlwithglassestbt01
  3. Probees’ Contract Signing – This picture was taken while waiting for Miss Charm to hand out our contracts. We hilariously laughed about Niño and Mel’s crazy conversation. We used this app in Mami Kat’s phone where we can edit and manipulate our voices. We also went crazy when Ceejay and Yenah were talking in a very serious way as if there was a confession going on. And oh the snacks that made us laughed so hard because Niño was accused of keeping all the bread. HAHA! #inbetweenthesetwobeautifulladiestbt3


And it’s almost a month now since we were deployed to different areas in the hospital and I’m very lucky to be part of the Emergency Department along with Aesha. And though we have different shifts and rest days we always try to meet up during our breaks. Sometimes during a busy shift where we could not take our lunch or dinner, we see to it that we cheer each other up on our groupchat and the fun never ends. As the saying goes, ‘If there’s a will, there’s a way.’

This is all for now little young ones. See you on my next segment. Stay safe and dry. I love you.

Hugs and kisses and all the little things,


From Your Pandora 💙

05 / 08 / 17


Good evening little young ones! I’m sorry to keep you waiting for our latest Monday segment. I was so busy with some hospital assignments then I spent my whole afternoon in Joiz house, which I call “adopt-a-friend-catching-up-session”. LOL!

Well, I actually accompanied Joiz to fit her gown for Keshang’s wedding this Thursday since she will be the Maid of Honor. And OMG! It’s just three nights away and my dear friend will officially become Mrs. Verano! HAHA!

Anyways, my Monday segment will be all about movies particularly famous movie lines. I came up with this idea because I love watching movies and I really take note with some lines that catches my attention. Most of the time. So the very first movie line that I will be sharing is from the movie “Cinderella Story” featuring Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray.


I cried a river after watching this movie because Samantha played by Hilary is a daddy’s girl and she really get her strength from her father. And that line up there was what her father always told her every time she feels down or at the verge of giving up. It’s the same with me.

I am a certified Papa’s girl. I share everything to him even my crushes and sorrows. He is someone that I always treasure and look up to. When I’m down and lonely, I always remember his words of wisdom and it never fails to cheer me up. My father is not a perfect Papa but he is the right Papa for me.

How about you little young ones, do you like this movie line? What or who do you remember when you think of it? I’ll be waiting for you to share but for now I have to sleep early because I have a training at 7 AM tomorrow. Have a sweet night little young ones. Pray before you sleep. :*

05 / 05 / 17


Hello little young ones! Good afternoon to all of us. It’s quite hot outside, right? Anyways, I have two good news for you. First, I just came from the hospital and had my final interview with the Administration Attorney and I passed! I am now officially employed as a Probationary Nurse and five months after that I’ll be regularize. Please help me pray for that because that’s my next goal. And my second good news is, I am now starting to outline the theme and topics for my alternate weekly segments.

As you all know, I already started it yesterday with my Three Things Thursday which I will be posting interchangeably with my Throwback Thursday segment. And today, instead of posting my Friday Picture Challenge, I will be posting my first ever “Five Word Friday”. I got this idea because I am such a fan of Six Word Poetry and I thought of making something like it but one word less. Tough thing to do but I am up for the challenge. I am also encouraging you little young ones to comfortably share your own five word Friday story in the comment box. Alrighty? 😉 🙂

And this is my first Five Word Friday.

“I should have known better”

Lots of love and all the little things,

From Your Pandora 💙

05 / 04 / 17


Happy Thursday afternoon little young ones!

I am feeling good and hype today. How about you? I hope that you’re having a very good and productive day too. And I would like to share that I just finished preparing for my snack in this sunny afternoon. Watermelon shake anyone? HEHE! And while doing so, I thought of adding something or recreating my weekly segment. Something that I could alternately post with my original weekly topics. And since today is Thursday which is supposed to be my Throwback Thursday segment, I came up with a new one.

Here’s to my first ever “Three Things Thursday”. I know that this is not the first time that you’ve heard of it but I still want to give it a shot. I mean, why not? Are you with me little young ones?

So the first three things that I would like to convey would be:

3 things that I wish would cease to exist are…

  1. Violence in all forms and ways.
  2. Cancer.
  3. Malnutrition or anything related to hunger.

Do you agree with me little young ones? Or do you have another 3 things in mind? I’ll be waiting to hear your own 3 things Thursday then.

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday.

Lots of love and all the little things,

From Your Pandora 💙

04 / 20 / 17

A beautiful Thursday to you my dear little young ones! I am very grateful today because it’s my Papadearest special day! He is now 54 years young. HEHE! And it’s no secret to you that I have always been a Papa’s little girl. He is, still, and will always be my confidant and my number 1 fan and cheerleader. And today I’ll be featuring him in Throwback Thursday segment along with my birthday wishes and message for him *though he doesn’t know that I have a blog*. HAHA! But I won’t let this day pass without telling him personally how blessed I am to have a worldly father like him.

So before I tear up, here’s my throwback pixies with my Papa Pio. :)♥

  1. Papa’s little girl – This picture was taken 5 or 6 years ago with my dearest college friends. We’re spending quality time in the basketball court sharing about our dreams and goals for the next five to ten years of our existence. My Papa was our witness. My Papa has always been sweet and approachable to all of my friends. He really would like my friends to treat him like their own father too. My closest friends would call him ‘Papa Pipz’ and he likes it a lot. So my first birthday wish for my Papa is that he would stay holistically healthy and strong. I know he’s very busy with our small business in the province, with his chairmanship in the organization that he is in, and taking good care of my brother and nephew. And that’s why it worries me a lot because I am not always there to remind him about his vitamins, his meals, and to bugged him often to rest and chill. So that’s my first wish and prayer to the Man above that He would give my Papa enough strength to carry on for the longest time possible in this world.papa01formytbt
  2. Pio and Pia – This picture was taken 4 years ago. It was actually after were done voting during the local election in our province. Now can you spot the difference little young ones? HEHE! I know right! I really look like my Papa. That’s why my Papa’s friends would call me “Pio the 2nd” or “Pia” since my Papa’s name is Pio. We actually have the same eyes and puffy cheeks. We have the same principles in life too. Most of the values that I have been treasuring all my life were influenced by my Papa and some from my Mama too. So my second birthday wish for my Papa is that he would continue doing charity works for as long as he can. Though sometimes doing charity works would take him so much time and effort and that could lead him to only spend less quality time with us but I would never ever forget what my Papa told me about “true service” and how much it means to him. He wanted to be productive in a way that all his works and actions could bring happiness and greater perspective to those who need it that most. And that he is not after being recognized or appreciated, or so as with the awards or merit – he is more on the result and the effect it could bring to his fellowmen. And as a daughter, I am the proudest. That’s why I would like to support him all the way no matter what.papa02formytbt
  3. Papadearest and Me – This picture was taken 3 years ago during our Christmas Party. My Papa was the happiest because he was able to fulfill his wish of having a mini – reunion with the whole clan after awhile. He was the busiest at that time too, preparing the food and the gifts and the game. So my third birthday wish for my Papa is that he would stay honest and open to me like he always does. My Papa and I have always maintained a very open communication. Even if at times our ideas may clashed and do not coincide with each other, sometimes we bicker with the advantages and disadvantages of our thoughts and plans but we always keep that respect for each other and that makes me the happiest. He is not just a father to me but my best friend too. My deepest pain is no secret to him even if I kept it to myself, he would know. He knows and that’s why I love him to infinity and beyond. papa03formytbt

Alright this all for now little young ones. Keep safe always and never let this day end without telling the people that you love how much you love and treasure them. And I’ll start it today, I love you little young ones.

Hugs and kisses and all the little things,

From Your Pandora 💙

P.S. To my Papadearest.

04 / 19 / 17

who goat wednesday


Good evening and a great Wednesday to you little young ones. How are you doing? Is Ms. Luna shining bright right now in your place? I hope she does because it’s so bright out here. They say it’s “Green Moon” tonight. Is it true?

Anyhow, I am really thinking if I would be able to pull off my Who-goat Wednesday segment for today or not since I couldn’t think of any hugot line to share. I don’t feel like being sentimental today so instead of sharing another hugot line I thought of sharing a question instead. Would that be alright?

And my question is:


Did this question cross your mind like ever? If not, then to whom would you like to ask this question with? If yes, who was the first person that comes into your mind? Quite difficult right? I took a deep sigh actually when I first saw this question. And though I have been familiar with it but I couldn’t compose myself as to whom I should be asking this question just yet or maybe never? Who knows. *shoulder shrug*


That’s all I got after so much of thinking. Somebody that I used to know actually threw this question straight to my face before. I was innocently caught off guard and all I ever said was, “Then you would never know how coward you are.” 

He nodded. That’s all he did for he knew I was right. He kept on insisting that he was stupid. That he was not the right person for me. That my family and friends were right about him. Well, I couldn’t disagree for he was right at some point except for the part that he would really insist that he was stupid because he wasn’t. For me he was more of a coward rather than stupid. He wasn’t ready just yet and I have been aware of it from the very beginning. That’s why we ended up having ‘no label’. When things got pretty serious that was also the time that he started to fear about commitment and such. So I helped him realize. At first, it went so smooth like a fairy tale like kind of thing but it became impossible after he made something unforgivable. And that’s how our story ended. But no worries, we’re still friends – for real. Why?Because having regrets to people and the things that you used to love will definitely leave scars and I don’t like it. And I believed that you don’t like it either, right?

So yes! This is my reflection for that question. How about you little young ones? Have you ever ask this question to someone? And if that someone ask you this question, would you dare answer him or her straight? Can’t wait to hear your answer here in my blog. I’ll be waiting, alrighty?

I’m out for now. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday. Keep safe and stay happy. I love you earthlings.

Hugs and kisses and all the little things,

From Your Pandora ♥

P. S. Always remember.