Poet – try 💙



she doesn’t need some fixing,
for she is not broken.
she isn’t looking for a missing piece of a puzzle,
for she is already whole.
what she needs is patience.
while she grows in spirit with the Creator.
a little bit of understanding.
as she deals with the worldly chaos as she matures into a woman.
and lots of love, the genuine kind.
as she learns to fall in love with her flaws,
strong enough to love you just the same.




Poet – try 💙


She travels by that name.

And get lost with it too.

The world only notice the side of her

that is happy.

But somewhere deep inside she’s a

little blue.

She’s tough yet vulnerable.

She’s a believer of hope even if the

future is still questionable.

And most of all –

When she says she loves you,

trust her.

When she says she’s in love with you,

trust her even more.

Because it takes her a lot of courage to

give both with conviction all at once.

But if you dare not to take her

heart for good.

You’ll lose her.

And she’ll let yourself lost too.

And she’ll never turn back.




Poet – try 💙


To the one –

Who always make her remember the

very first time that you met.

It’s no secret to the world that it’s

been quite a long time.

But you had a clear recollection of

how she looked at you that night.

Did it make your heart skipped a beat?

Because hers didn’t but rather it was

beating faster than the usual.

And that exact moment where she

called you by your name.

Guided you to the crowd.

With a touch of music adding magic

to that splendid time.

There you knew that that night would

truly be one for the books.

For you found yourself a home after

getting lost.

And so did she.


Poet – try 💙


She have said it again and again.

And she will keep saying it still.

In every 11:11.

In all the shooting stars she see.

Of pictures and stolen moments.

Amidst the noise and of deafening


For she couldn’t lie to herself.

That she misses you –

“I miss you”.


And always.


Poet – try 💙

To her, you are a four leaf clover.

Simply one of a kind.

And though she’s puzzled by your rare


She couldn’t help herself from

wanting you near her.

With each passing day that you spent

with her.

Is drawing her closer and closer to


And the more she seeks for freedom

in your presence.

She finds comfort from within too.

Because after a very long time of

keeping herself safe inside her box.

Her fragile heart finally found a home

in you.