Poet – try 💙 

4th of July.

She’ll stop wishing for you.

To miss her.

To find her.

To love her.

That’s what she promised.

The same day last year.

And she knew.

She failed.

And still, will fail.


This year.



Poet – try 💙 

She isn’t your four leaf clover.

Nor your Juliet type of girl. 

If she is a perfume you surely wouldn’t buy her.

Because she’s only a commoner to your eye for sure. 

And yes, she isn’t the one you’ve been looking for. 

But you’ll be so damned if you’d let go of her.

Maybe not now. 

Not this early. 

But you will.
P. S. You little wallflower, bloom.🌻🍀