To the one reading this – this is for You.

Yes, you.

Whatever you are going through right now, please do not ever give up. Life is tough and we all know that but we have to tough it through.


Let’s reach out to our support system – family, friends, significant others, and support groups. Distant ourselves from those situations and events that trigger our suffering. It’s easy to say but if we take a leap of faith and think more of what’s on the outside that is or are beneficial for us, let’s take it. Let’s grab every opportunity that we can for our betterment. Stay steady and cool little young ones. We can do this! 🙂





“So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!” Is this line familiar to you? I guess all of us are familiar to it. And if it’s true then it would have been nice right? Us flying up in the air, free like a bird. We won’t need for pixie dusts or Harry Potter’s wand or Aladdin’s magic carpet anymore for us to fly. I hope it’s just that simple but it’s not.

Human as we are, we think and act rationally. It’s a given fact. We think of so many things that we strongly believe we can do and achieve but sometimes we also overthink. We plan but we sometimes miss some important details and fall short of ideas. We initiate but we sometimes lack some back – up strategies. We strive for the better but we sometimes overkill the momentum because we only focus on one thing and neglect on the little things that matters. And you know what little young ones, it’s normal. It’s alright. Let’s not be so hard on ourselves. When we experience hardships, failures, or received negative feedbacks and reactions from people, or even when were not being appreciated – let’s stop the blaming game and rather let’s use all of those as our stepping stone for us to become more driven to master our strengths and capabilities.

NO to our bad thoughts and a big YES to our good thoughts.

I’m not just conveying these to you. I am relaying these to US. When I share some insights and motivations about life, this is not just for me to post something here in my blog. Lifting up the mood, awakening the good vibes, and enlightening the happy thoughts is not my responsibility, it’s our own responsibility. We are the one who create our own happiness. But also from time to time we will need someone to remind us that, do you agree? Because if you were to ask me, I do.

When we feel like we are running out of reasons to move forward. When we can no longer love our own because of so much pain and fears within us. When trust scarce. When hope is seldom to be found or met. Or when giving up is the only option left. We need to have someone to back us up. And we call them our “support system”.

If reading motivational articles, writings, and books would help you to keep moving forward then keep doing it. If reaching out to your family and friends whom you can trust your burdens with then keep expressing what you feel inside. If doing some anger and stress management activities would lessen the anxiety then explore for more. If traveling could help you mature and make the right decisions, go for it.  If having a “me time” works best for you, make up for yourself. Divert your bad thoughts into a good one by investing your time on things that would help you grow and excel on the field that you are fascinated into. And lastly, you pray. Praying really helps a lot not just in times of trouble but every time.

So together let’s shred those bad thoughts off and focus on the good one. Life’s too short to make it more complicated. Create as much good memories as we can because it is something that money can’t buy nor be stolen from us. That’s ours to keep. I hope little young ones these pondered happy thoughts could help you. And I hope that we keep on spreading happy thoughts. 🙂 🙂 🙂



Better to greater days.


When the world strikes at us so hard we often, NO, we always say something negative or bad. More often than not, we complain why it all happened. Why us? Why those freaking, hurtful, disastrous situations ever come up to our lives? Why not those people who are mean, rude, or sinners *though I am one* to take or experience those unfortunate events? Well, it all ends with the same exact question – “WHY?”

I am honestly guilty about this but it’s actually our first reaction towards something bad, don’t you agree? Why? Because have you seen someone smiling or joyful because he or she has a problem? Or like have you ever met someone who is exposed to so much pain, to those who are broken and scarred, and in so much danger to be celebrating at the bar, spending money to throw a party, or even scream out of happiness because he or she comes across all of these unfathomable things? Of course not and I really don’t think so!

The reason I asked you these because I am encouraging myself and you too to be more positive about our very existence in this world. I know. It’s easy to say but it’s very hard to do but it’s always worth a try, right? Not all things that we’ve ever hoped and prayed for comes the way we expect them to be but rest assured that the Man above will provide them to us when He knows that we’re ready enough to handle them. I also believed that He would not allow us to be in such a damaging situation if He knows that we could not carry them just fine. When He sees that we can then He will and He will always be with us too. Every step of the way.

Remember His promises to us and one of those is to be patient because all great things will come according to His plan. We should not rush. Let’s steady our hearts and fill our souls with good things, the right things for His glory.

So before I let you go little young ones, I will leave you with a quote:


You might be in your scariest, most dangerous, saddest, and worst part of your life right now but always remember that You are not alone. I repeat, you are never alone, we are not alone. So let’s not give up just because we experienced some rejections, failing grades, being dumped, heartbroken, fired from work or lost someone so dearly – let us learn from those experiences. Pondered on what really was the reason behind those and learn from it. I’m not telling you to avoid them or pretend that you’re not hurt or affected by those things. In fact, I encourage you to endure them all in but never ever allow those unfavorable situations to eat you whole and alive. That’s how I deal with my own failures and shortcomings. I hope and pray that you will too. Together let’s take a leap of faith. Make the good decisions and act on those decisions at the right way.

Enjoy your weekend little young ones.

Much love,

 Your Pandora ♥


A quote from Eleanor Roosevelt caught my attention as I was checking on my twitter this morning. And I believed that it is so timely for me to reflect on to. Why? Well, it’s pretty rampant on my Facebook and Twitter feeds about how people criticize this and that. Issues here and there. People who couldn’t resist mocking or judging others without any basis, like nothing at all. I considered them the “know-it-all” individuals. Sad to say but yes, they exists.


Do you agree? Is it really impossible not to judge? What should we do then?

I understand that no matter what we do, either good or bad, we will still be judged anyways. But what’s the difference between voicing out an opinion and being judgmental? I asked a colleague of mine and she said, “Maybe the way the person delivered the thought, could also be the tone of the voice, and another reason would be the intention”. I just smiled. Then this question popped in my mind while she was still talking, “Are we really given the permission to judge someone?” The answer is NO.

Why? Do we really need to ask why? Come on earthlings, we are created equally. And though we have unique traits but still we are EQUAL. Expressing one’s point of view about a certain matter or issue is acceptable if used in a morally accepted manner. What do I mean by morally accepted manner then? It means that we should use our freedom of speech to deliver something worthy to listen to, no discriminations and no filters – just pure truth. Sounds easy but it is quite challenging. Yes, it is. But when we practice this and do it for the greater good, I strongly believed that the word “racist” or “judgmental” would vanish.

Though we have this notion that “Not knowing anything couldn’t kill” or “A little knowledge about something is dangerous” but let’s all face it – either we know nothing or only know a little we still have to maintain something that is not freely given to all because it is something that we should earn and that is RESPECT. Respect in a way that we are dealing with humans and not robots. In short, we have emotions. We should be sensitive enough to express our thoughts, in a way that the other party would understand without the feeling of being condemned. It’s not about being playing safe, it’s more on being humane. You see things outside the box. Treating a situation in a more mature and diverse way. Now you see the difference? If yes, then let’s start now. Let’s be a YES and not a MAYBE. 🙂



I actually saw this quote printed on the tee-shirt of a phenomenal television personality and it really caught my eye. Why?  Hmmm. Because she’s famous and the way she wore the tee-shirt was just freaking awesome. Simplicity at its finest. #fangirlmode

Another reason why this quote hit me because I for once knew what it feels like not to receive a feedback, a reply, or a response from someone and not to give any message at all. The question is, which is more upsetting? Is it the first one or the latter?


Psychologist says “Silence is still a form of communication”. Do you agree? Yes or No?

On a personal view – Yes, I agree. Like I said, I know what it feels like. But I will speak for two; the doer and the receiver of the action. 

So let’s start with me being the receiver. What did I feel after sending a very long and effortful message to someone then there was no response at all? Tantrums! Temper’s up! Tragic! I could throw something up or just curse my heart out especially when I needed a response right at that moment. Ang shakeeet kaya? 

message gif

Hell yes, it’s painful. (Excuse my language) I asked myself, “Why do we need a response on the first place?” Because we need a confirmation or an assurance, right? We need an answer to our queries. We need to know the other person’s thoughts and reactions. That’s why we ask. But having no response from someone we expect to respond is really misleading and frustrating at the same time.

But that was me before. Before I realized that being “seen-zoned” or “read-zone” is also a message. So here comes the second me, me as the doer. I don’t want to be bias about this because it all boils down to what kind of situation you are in, your emotions at that moment, and of course not to mention the level of maturity we belong to. (Feel free to speak up) Freedom of speech everyone.

So me being the doer. I am the one who is not giving any feedback after a lengthy and heartful message. *Long sigh* Why? Why didn’t I reply? Simply because I don’t feel the need to give a response. Alright, I don’t want to sound haughty about it but that’s the truth. Other reasons would be because I am angry, sad, or indecisive so instead of conveying a message – I’d rather not, to lessen the pain and to avoid making the situation more complicated. It sounds like an alibi to you but I know you also do and feel the same. Wag nang denial, masama sa utak yan 😉

Generally speaking, getting no message is a sign or an indication that the other person is still contemplating over something that is hard to express or verbalize. Ganoin! Yes, silence is sometimes very misleading but if we are mature enough to understand why then there’s no need for us to explain our side or force the other person to reason out. Give time for each other to ponder and weigh the situation. Coercing something to happened won’t create a positive result. Patience darling, that’s all it takes and oh a lot of prayers too. Let’s always remember that. 🙂



Bumped into this very deep calligraphy art from Melissa Griffin. And sudden gush of realizations get into me. What if I did it before? What if I didn’t stop myself from doing it? How come I did it when I did not want it on the first place? Do I really need to know? These questions strike me hard enough to ponder. Now let’s all contemplate earthlings  🙂

melissa griffin

Do you also feel the same? Do you feel free within yourself? Like being who you truly are in front of the mirror without asking yourself of your true identity? If your answer is yes then you’re doing a great job and you have to keep doing it. But if your answer is no, I think you have to back track from all your hidden pain and grudges, fears and failures, disappointments and anger inside your heart that is stopping you from being true. Not that you are always faking the person that you are now but if you keep hiding all of it, all of these will become a heavy baggage too painful to carry. That baggage is like a dark shadow slowly casting right in front of you and hinder you from seeing your own. Let’s all live and not just merely exist earthling. We all deserve it. 🙂

Quotes to live by.

Marc and Angel have always been my inspiration when we talk about motivation and drive to become a better person. I repeat a better person. When I first bumped into this couple’s blog 2 years ago, I realized how amazing it was to read a motivational article that clearly leads you to truly reflect on yourself as a person. Right after that, I made this daily mantra that I keep on posting on my social media accounts, not for people to like it or to think how “good” I am (which is not true but that doesn’t mean that I am bad too – just being real) but to motivate myself and share it to people and let them reflect on it too.

Here are 15 quotes from Marc and Angel:


Enjoy reading earthlings 🙂