Poet – try 💙

When she says she loves you.

You won’t just simply get to taste or

have half of her heart.

But her as a whole.

From all her broken pieces gathered

as one.

From all her miseries and silent cries

that the world has done.

From the inside out.

She’ll give it to you.

Her flaws and imperfections.

Her wild thoughts and overwhelming


She is yours –

body, mind, and soul.

Every curves and edges.

Her strengths and weaknesses.

You will have all of her, consented.

Now the challenge is –

Would you be able to handle her

without breaking her heart again?

Because if not –

take a step back and look at her for

the last time.

If you couldn’t see your future with

her the way she sees her future with


Leave her heart in silence.

And walk away for good.

Before she breaks.

Or before the worst.



Poet – try 💙

You’re the kind of love that stings in

her chest once in a while.

Either because of insecurity, jealousy,

or overthinking.

But you also happened to be the kind

of love –

That fills in her weary and wounded


Replacing her fears, sorrow, and


With the kind of love that makes her

breathe again.


Poet – try 💙


She travels by that name.

And get lost with it too.

The world only notice the side of her

that is happy.

But somewhere deep inside she’s a

little blue.

She’s tough yet vulnerable.

She’s a believer of hope even if the

future is still questionable.

And most of all –

When she says she loves you,

trust her.

When she says she’s in love with you,

trust her even more.

Because it takes her a lot of courage to

give both with conviction all at once.

But if you dare not to take her

heart for good.

You’ll lose her.

And she’ll let yourself lost too.

And she’ll never turn back.