Keshang’s Bridal Shower

Good afternoon little young ones. How are you? I truly hope that you’re having a terrific weekend just like I do. Because last night I truly had a blast. It was like I was freed after a long time of scavenging for freedom. HAHA! Actually, it was Kaeshia’s surprise bridal shower and only few chosen friends attended. Thanks to her friends from Renal Unit and of course her beloved high school barkadas, YES, that’s us – who made it extremely fun and possible.

It was Joiz who constantly communicate with Roger, Keshang’s friend from Renal, about the time and venue. While Joiz was busy with her role, I was also busy doing my thing. So yesterday, I went straight to Joiz house and made Keshang’s sash with a caption, “Soon to be MRS. VERANO” and prepped for her flower crown while she accompanied Keshang to the salon. We informed our two barkadas as well, Maan and Ayano, to help with the cover-up once we meet already at the venue. LOL!

After I finished with my thing, I hurriedly went to the salon and met with them. We were taking our time walking and talking sense about our plans and as to what our next move should be. Dreams. Goals. Hopes. And it made us really hungry so we grabbed something to bite. #TempuraMadness #streetfoodislove

Then we went directly to the venue and waited for Maan and Ayano and also the go signal from our accomplices. HAHA! But as usual, Ayano was always the late comer so we stayed at Greenwich and gabbed another set of foodies. Ta-da!


“Catching up. Ayano where are you”?

Us and our hungry face again. We had a continuation of our serious to senseless conversation while waiting for Ayano. Then as soon as Keshang’s Renal buddies gave their go signal, I then initiated to cut the talk and made a good alibi by saying, “I want to drink beer and sing my heart out tonight” which Keshang didn’t believed at first. For she is well aware that I definitely don’t drink but she still agreed anyway. HAHA!

Upon arriving to the venue. Her Renal buddies set their cameras on and their confetti and the food and their funny but cute congratulatory greetings. They surely know how to have fun too. They hugged and kissed Keshang. And while they started eating and taking pictures, we managed to start the entertainment by singing whatever songs we could think of.  When Ayano arrived that’s the time that we took a groufie for the success of our surprise event.


Minus Ayano, the late comer. HAHA!


US and our mess. LOL!

We had a good time chit-chatting and singing. Then when our new found friends already bid goodbye because they still have work the next day. We decided to extend our time and sing some more. We laughed so hard and recorded a couple of videos of our goofiness. It’s been awhile since we did something like this and we all love it.

And I’m going to share a compilation of our feeling-DIVA-moment thanks to Joiz for beautifully making the video. Disclaimer: The quality of the video isn’t that good plus our dance moves weren’t in sync but trust me that’s how we define ‘fun’. HAHA! Hope you like it though.

And that was all for last night’s crazy and fun night out with my high school barkadas. It was truly a splendid night. Comfortably dorkying, if there is such a word, with the best people. 💙

Blessed Sunday little young ones. Stay safe always. 🙂

Big Thanks to 2016.



Simple joy.

Act of kindness.

Gift of love.

That’s what Christmas is for me. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on this day and because of Him we are saved. His great and unfailing love for us is the most powerful one. He suffered and died for us. He gave His own life for us. He saved us. And forever He lives with us, for us, and within us because His love is eternal.

I was supposed to post this earlier than the other posts because this event happened two weeks ago but I realized that since it’s just 8 days to go before His birthday, I find it so timely to share this now to you little young ones. This is not me bragging about what we did but this is me showing to you that with teamwork, dedication, determination, and compassion in reaching one goal, we could truly make a difference and could touch lives in its genuine and simplest form.

Please watch the video first little young ones so that you’ll know what I am talking about.


If you’re wondering how did we do it then please allow me to share it to you little young ones. It’s actually Tatay Gucci’s plan to do some charity work before the year ends. So we then started making a group chat at work and  added some friends and co – workers whom we believe would be able to help us make this mini – thanksgiving a successful one. We told them about our plan and asked them for some donations both in kind and monetary. We also asked some of our Team Leads to spare some help too. We also reached out to our friends and former colleagues if they could also contribute some unused school materials, clothes, and some canned goods.

But what happened next was beyond what we have thought of or assumed of. A lot of our colleagues, friends, and even relatives from the states offered their help just to make this simple activity a memorable one not just for us or for them but for those who will be receiving those Christmas packages. We were able to gather bags and boxes of canned goods, noodles, biscuits, easy open and ready to eat viands, and toys. The money that we have gathered was used to serve packed lunch for our chosen Christmas grantees.

We then divided the task and played our roles the best way we can. Thanks to Hazel for the sumptuous meal that she prepared for our Christmas grantees. She cooked chopsuey, fried chicken, humba, and rice. Her daughter, Kaycee, shared her toys and even the new ones that was just recently given to her to those street kids as well. It was perfectly wrapped in a Christmas paper with an indicator so that we will know if it is for a boy or a girl. My best friend Joiz and Momma Jewel were the ones who segregated the goods equally and piled it neatly in a plastic bag. We were able to gather 50 Christmas packages. Pedz also cooked special pansit as an additional viand.

We met at McDonalds on a Sunday morning to start with our “gift – giving road trip”. There were only ten of us – Hazel, Dodong (her husband), and Kaycee (her daughter); Momma Jewel and Tatay Gucci; Yan, Jave (Yan’s significant someone), and Pedz; then Joiz and I. We planned there as to which street and areas we should go first and cover. We had two services, Hazel’s and Yan’s car. Joiz, Pedz, Jave, Yan, and I in one service and Tatay Gucci, Momma Jewel, Kaycee, Dodong, and Hazel in her car. We started in I.T. Park then down town area then to Talamban area then back to Fuente Circle where we also had our late lunch. Jave, Yan and I were the tasks to deliver the foods and packages during the whole activity.

Here are some of the pictures that I gathered little young ones.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At the end of our activity, honestly we didn’t feel exhausted. In fact, we felt so accomplished because we have done something so meaningful not just for our chosen Christmas grantees but to ourselves as well. We couldn’t help ourselves to tear up every now and then when we give the packages. We felt so sorry for them and they made us realized more and more of how blessed and lucky we are for everything that we have right now.

I could still remember the Lolo in the wheelchair with no slippers and has some wounds on his feet, he had six children but none of them is giving him a home to stay, food to eat, and attention. To the father of four kids living at the back of Hazel’s university where they all live in a small kariton. He works as a barker and his wife is a street cleaner and they are trying to save enough money for them to go back to Leyte. To the two Lola’s who have traveled far and were waiting across a known facility here in Cebu because they’ve heard that they will be giving free check – up and medicines. To those four men whom we met in different streets in downtown area collecting plastic bottles, glasses, and foams, I salute them because they walked from north to south, whether it’s very hot, humid, cold, or rainy outside just to earn for a living for their families.

These people made my day. Because they might not have enough resources to buy themselves things that would help them live comfortably but they never ever dare to steal from someone. They might not be rich in material things but they are rich with so much hope and love and respect that others who have enough didn’t have.

Indeed, Christmas is the season for sharing and giving. These people whom we met in the streets of Cebu City didn’t just receive something from us, we at the same time received something from them and that is joy. Those smiles painted on their faces and how they expressed their gratitude towards us made our hearts grateful. It was a very satisfying day and was worth sharing and remembering.

I just hope little young ones that we should be able to appreciate the little things in life. Let’s not forget to express our gratitude to those people who never leave our side through thick and thin. Because there are others who wished to have what we have right now but they couldn’t. I also would like to impart what I’ve learned on that day to you, that all things matter we just need to genuinely see it within our hearts.

Merry Christmas once again little young ones. I love you 🙂