07 / 05 / 18



Good morning little young ones!

I’m on a graveyard shift right now and luckily there is no patient so I am grabbing my time to update you on my Weekly segment. And since today is Thursday, we will be talking about three random things. And the first idea that I have in mind is:


Well, I hope I got you thinking right now my dear little young ones. But as for me, here are my three phrases or words that’s quite hard for me to say.

  1. I am sorry.
  2. I trust you.
  3. No.



It’s hard for me to say it because people nowadays are becoming so insensitive and pretty abusive about their so – called “freedom of expression”. Call me sarcastic but sometimes, when their words are way too much to handle and could literally hurt me or someone that I am close with, I really answer them back without being sorry for it.

Do you want to know why? Because there is a need for them to know what LIMITATION means.

I say sorry and truly mean it if I caused pain in any form but to apologize for standing my ground and for what I think is morally right for myself and to those around me – I really won’t back out. But don’t worry little young ones, I know my limitations too. I may be too vocal about my thoughts but I always keep my patience on point.


Truth be told, I have trust issues. I don’t want to elaborate on this anymore because it’s reasonably dragging if I tell you about the real thing as to when I started doubting people particularly, men. But NO, I am not a man hater. It’s just hard for me to trust their beautiful words anymore especially if it doesn’t coincide with their actions and efforts. And I’m talking about – consistency. So you’re so lucky if I ever told you that I trust you because when I do, I certainly mean it.

And lastly,


For me, it’s hard to say no because we only live once and I want to grab whatever opportunity comes my way. Honestly, it makes me more of a people – pleaser rather than a goalgetter for some people. But I don’t care. Like I said, for as long as I am not hurting anyone, I will always be all in for it.

So these are my three phrases or words that are hard to say for this terrific Thursday. Now it’s your turn little young ones to share your own thoughts about our weekly segment for this day and I hope that I’m keeping your ideas up for a fresh start.

I hope that you’ll still tune in for more of our Weekly segment and share your own versions too. I can’t wait to read your comments and suggestions as well.

Stay safe and healthy little young ones. Have a wonderful Thursday ahead.


Your Pandora ♥

06 / 08 / 2017

Rainy afternoon little young ones!

Your busy yet lazy Pandora is back for an update. Yes! You’re reading it right. I know it’s been awhile since I last updated my weekly segment *given that I already added some counterparts of my usual weekly topics*. First and foremost, I would like to say, forgive me for only dropping by here not so often and I seriously don’t want to make any excuses as well. I will give my very best to really manage my time well despite everything.

And today’s a gloomy Thursday here in Cebu City and it’s a bed weather kind of day for me too but like I said, I will keep up not to mess up with my daily chores and workloads, since I have plenty of them to focus on to. Let me start it by sharing my Throwback Thursday segment for today.

Since I’m already a Probationary Nurse and not a ‘trainee’ anymore in Saint Vincent General Hospital I’ll be sharing to you my old pictures with my co – trainees during our one month comprehensive skills assessment. Although we still have a long way to go before our regularization, I’m still happy to be able to meet amazing people like them. 🙂

  1. My First Uniform Selfie –  Shameless selfie it is! I feel so proud that after my two long years in the BPO industry, I am now back to what really makes me feel human – to be a nurse not just by profession but as a career as well. I did not regret working as a call center agent because I was paid well and I met a lot of important people. I was able to travel a lot and enjoy a lot of things to my heart’s content. But now that I’ve finally reached my goal in working back in a hospital setting – I won’t lose it again. I’m going to show the world, the universe rather that I am worth it and I am confidently beautiful with a heart. HAHA! So here it is. ♥ #puffycheeksdontcaretbt02
  2. Endoscopy Unit Training Groufie – There is a time for serious lecture and orientation and a time for crazy groufie like this! whenever we are together, we talked from serious to crazy stuff. We laughed a lot and eat a lot too. We love to bully and tease each other until there were some moments of silence but it was never really awkward for us. We give our best to help each other during exams and return demonstrations. We also spent good times at lunch or some quick night – outs despite our not so aligned work schedule. Because we find ways. HEHE! #theonlygirlwithglassestbt01
  3. Probees’ Contract Signing – This picture was taken while waiting for Miss Charm to hand out our contracts. We hilariously laughed about Niño and Mel’s crazy conversation. We used this app in Mami Kat’s phone where we can edit and manipulate our voices. We also went crazy when Ceejay and Yenah were talking in a very serious way as if there was a confession going on. And oh the snacks that made us laughed so hard because Niño was accused of keeping all the bread. HAHA! #inbetweenthesetwobeautifulladiestbt3


And it’s almost a month now since we were deployed to different areas in the hospital and I’m very lucky to be part of the Emergency Department along with Aesha. And though we have different shifts and rest days we always try to meet up during our breaks. Sometimes during a busy shift where we could not take our lunch or dinner, we see to it that we cheer each other up on our groupchat and the fun never ends. As the saying goes, ‘If there’s a will, there’s a way.’

This is all for now little young ones. See you on my next segment. Stay safe and dry. I love you.

Hugs and kisses and all the little things,


From Your Pandora 💙

05 / 04 / 17


Happy Thursday afternoon little young ones!

I am feeling good and hype today. How about you? I hope that you’re having a very good and productive day too. And I would like to share that I just finished preparing for my snack in this sunny afternoon. Watermelon shake anyone? HEHE! And while doing so, I thought of adding something or recreating my weekly segment. Something that I could alternately post with my original weekly topics. And since today is Thursday which is supposed to be my Throwback Thursday segment, I came up with a new one.

Here’s to my first ever “Three Things Thursday”. I know that this is not the first time that you’ve heard of it but I still want to give it a shot. I mean, why not? Are you with me little young ones?

So the first three things that I would like to convey would be:

3 things that I wish would cease to exist are…

  1. Violence in all forms and ways.
  2. Cancer.
  3. Malnutrition or anything related to hunger.

Do you agree with me little young ones? Or do you have another 3 things in mind? I’ll be waiting to hear your own 3 things Thursday then.

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday.

Lots of love and all the little things,

From Your Pandora 💙

04 / 20 / 17

A beautiful Thursday to you my dear little young ones! I am very grateful today because it’s my Papadearest special day! He is now 54 years young. HEHE! And it’s no secret to you that I have always been a Papa’s little girl. He is, still, and will always be my confidant and my number 1 fan and cheerleader. And today I’ll be featuring him in Throwback Thursday segment along with my birthday wishes and message for him *though he doesn’t know that I have a blog*. HAHA! But I won’t let this day pass without telling him personally how blessed I am to have a worldly father like him.

So before I tear up, here’s my throwback pixies with my Papa Pio. :)♥

  1. Papa’s little girl – This picture was taken 5 or 6 years ago with my dearest college friends. We’re spending quality time in the basketball court sharing about our dreams and goals for the next five to ten years of our existence. My Papa was our witness. My Papa has always been sweet and approachable to all of my friends. He really would like my friends to treat him like their own father too. My closest friends would call him ‘Papa Pipz’ and he likes it a lot. So my first birthday wish for my Papa is that he would stay holistically healthy and strong. I know he’s very busy with our small business in the province, with his chairmanship in the organization that he is in, and taking good care of my brother and nephew. And that’s why it worries me a lot because I am not always there to remind him about his vitamins, his meals, and to bugged him often to rest and chill. So that’s my first wish and prayer to the Man above that He would give my Papa enough strength to carry on for the longest time possible in this world.papa01formytbt
  2. Pio and Pia – This picture was taken 4 years ago. It was actually after were done voting during the local election in our province. Now can you spot the difference little young ones? HEHE! I know right! I really look like my Papa. That’s why my Papa’s friends would call me “Pio the 2nd” or “Pia” since my Papa’s name is Pio. We actually have the same eyes and puffy cheeks. We have the same principles in life too. Most of the values that I have been treasuring all my life were influenced by my Papa and some from my Mama too. So my second birthday wish for my Papa is that he would continue doing charity works for as long as he can. Though sometimes doing charity works would take him so much time and effort and that could lead him to only spend less quality time with us but I would never ever forget what my Papa told me about “true service” and how much it means to him. He wanted to be productive in a way that all his works and actions could bring happiness and greater perspective to those who need it that most. And that he is not after being recognized or appreciated, or so as with the awards or merit – he is more on the result and the effect it could bring to his fellowmen. And as a daughter, I am the proudest. That’s why I would like to support him all the way no matter what.papa02formytbt
  3. Papadearest and Me – This picture was taken 3 years ago during our Christmas Party. My Papa was the happiest because he was able to fulfill his wish of having a mini – reunion with the whole clan after awhile. He was the busiest at that time too, preparing the food and the gifts and the game. So my third birthday wish for my Papa is that he would stay honest and open to me like he always does. My Papa and I have always maintained a very open communication. Even if at times our ideas may clashed and do not coincide with each other, sometimes we bicker with the advantages and disadvantages of our thoughts and plans but we always keep that respect for each other and that makes me the happiest. He is not just a father to me but my best friend too. My deepest pain is no secret to him even if I kept it to myself, he would know. He knows and that’s why I love him to infinity and beyond. papa03formytbt

Alright this all for now little young ones. Keep safe always and never let this day end without telling the people that you love how much you love and treasure them. And I’ll start it today, I love you little young ones.

Hugs and kisses and all the little things,

From Your Pandora 💙

P.S. To my Papadearest.

03 / 16 / 17

Thursday Madness it is! Hello little young ones. How are you? Good evening to you. I just got home after my busy day of going back and forth to the hospital and laboratory for my medical examination and assessment as part of my requirements for my pre-employment in the hospital. Oh! I’ll start my training on Monday that’s why i have to double my time. 

Maybe you’re wondering why I just had my medical when I had so much free time last week. Well, I was financially and physically not prepared but let’s not talk about money matters here. LOL. What’s important now is that I’m almost done completing my requirements and I’m going to submit them tomorrow. It means that I’ll have another round of tic-tac-toe tomorrow in the hospital but I have no issues with it because it’s for my future. Let’s keep moving forward! Adelante! 

And yes today’s another round of our Throwback Thursday and I’m going to share to you some of my stolen, candid, and not choreographed shots. Why stolen shots? SIMPLE, they are more realistic and expressive snaps but no offense to those planned photo shoots of course because I’m also a fan of it.

So here’s my Throwback Thursday photos. 

  1. The Runaway Girl –  This was taken in our office when I was still in Real Appeal. It was our last day as Personalization Experts / Coach and we were enjoying our time running around the lobby and playing hide and seek. Then out of nowhere Chreshy took a photo of me. I handed Chreshy my phone because I would like her to take selfies since she wanted to change her profile picture and though she did but I did not know that she took a photo of me. It was beautifully captured. I find myself so playful in the picture and that’s why I like it. 👟👟 
  2. Bungisngis Girl – Bungisngis means laughing your heart out loud as if there is no tomorrow and yes, that’s how I looked in that picture. I could still remember Ate Twinkle took so many shots of me there in the ground floor of our building. It was my interview that night and that’s why I decided to wear something ‘so me’. Then Ate Twinkle told me to pose like a pro model which I really did but then we burst into laughter right after. I didn’t know that she also took a picture of me laughing so hard. LOL. 😂 
  3. Mainit sa Labas Pose – This pose was taken during our on the spot visit there in Temple of Leah with our trainer Argie. I was with Tatay Gucci, Momma Jewel, Yan, and Maria. We all felt sober – ish that day so we decided to have a morning getaway far from the city. And it was Maria who took this stolen shot while she was taking a selfie in the area where I was sitting. I was honestly enjoying the view and the moment that time. I was savoring that scene while thinking of my next move after my graceful exit in the company. I showed this pic to my cousin and she said that it was a good blogger pose for me. HAHA! 😎 

Alrighty little young ones. I wasn’t able to buy a new nursing cap for today but I’ll try my luck tomorrow. Baby Zachy is in the house with my Papadearest and it’s just Kuya Janjan that’s missing and we will all be set. I miss my brother and I hope he misses me too. Anyhow, even if I said that I was doing a lot of things today but I’m still enjoying my time because this is just the start of something more career – like path for me as a nurse. So let’s keep the positive vibes up and alive! 

How about you little young ones. Are you also busy? I hope not but if you are just think of the reason why you’re having a busy day. If it’s worth doing and having then just go for it and leave no room for negative vibes. Okay? So this is all for now little young ones. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday. Spread love always. 

Hugs and kisses and everything nice,

From Your Pandora 💙

03 / 09 / 17

Thursday! Thursday! Thursday!

Thursday! Thursday! Thursday! 

How are you little young ones? Wherever you are right now, I hope you are happy just like me and safe as always. And yes, today’s another Throwback Thursday segment and I’m kinda posting it late *again* because I had an appointment this morning then I accompanied a new found friend processing his requirements *because he is not from Cebu* then I took a nap and a lot more. 

Anyways, like I said – I am happy today because indeed it’s a terrific and tremendous Thursday for me. Why? Because I took my examination this morning and the result was positive! And now what I need to do is just comply to the remaining requirements that the hospital needs and I am good to go.

Honestly, I felt giddy this morning while I was putting on my white uniform. I was so happy, my heart’s so alive. Then I patted my shoulder and told myself that my decision was right and I’m going to continue doing the things that makes me feel so alive. This is my time. And I believe that we should all do that. Right?

And so today, I’m going to share some of my old Facebook posts. I hope that you can learn something. I am honestly not sure as to why I posted these before but I’m happy that I did. These posts remind me of the things that I should really focus on to and that’s to live and not just merely exist. 🙂

  1. Timehop #1 – Of course! This post struck the most and I couldn’t disagree. The fact that we believe that everything happens for a reason means that we have to make every second count for we don’t know when will be our last. Time will not always be on our side no matter how hard we try to befriend it so what we need to do is to really seize every moment and grab every possible opportunity that may come our way but a friendly reminder, YOLO wisely. 👣
  2. Timehop #2 – I posted this because I was questioning myself back then if I’m going to really welcome someone in my life. Trust is not just a big word for me, it means a lot to me. Same with respect, trust is something that we should earn. But as what my Lola told me, “Love means trust and vice versa.”  and my Mamadearest also mentioned it one time that I should never demand or expect someone to give me 100% of their love and trust if I could not give it myself. And yes, they’re both right. Love begets love and it’s the same with trust.  
  3. Timehop #3 – Another empowering post and a good reminder for me and to you too little young ones. I know that deep within us, we are born to have a nurturing sense of responsibility. And I must say that, every little thing done with kindness could really go a long way. Let’s always remember little young ones that we all have different battles to face so let’s be kind.  

Alrighty little young ones these are my top picks from my Timehop Application and I hope that you were able to ponder on it. It’s almost 9 in the evening, so goodnight for now and stay tune for my piece tomorrow. Don’t forget to pray. Keep moving forward. Stay alive and blessed. 

Hugs and kisses and everything nice,

From Your Pandora ♥


03 / 02 / 17



Make some noise little young ones because it’s just one more day to go and it’s already Friday! But let’s focus on our THURSDAY first, the now. And yes today’s officially my last day here in the office. I must bid goodbye to my cubicle and work computer, my beloved friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and the boss chiefs (the friendly guards) in the building. It’s hard but I must. Just like what my favorite trainer said, “It’s going to be hard but my efforts and sacrifices will be paid off at the right time with the right attitude.” And I could not disagree with her.

Anyways, today’s another round of our Throwback Thursday segment and I am going to share to you my Bacolod Escapade last year with Joiz and Clara. Why Bacolod? Simply because it’s the City of Smiles and this coming April, I will be going back there together with my dearest high school barkadas. And I am truly excited for it, like big time.

So here are my top 3 favorites:

  1. My Superman – I know that this picture was scripted but I just could not contain the happiness that I felt while standing face to face with Superman. I’m such a fan girl here, don’t you think? HAHA! This was in Campuestohan Highland Resort but for me it’s not just a resort by a theme park as well. They have rope course, hamster ride, zip line, sky bike, statues of marvel superheroes and cartoon characters and everything nice that people from all ages could truly enjoy especially the kids and  kids at heart. And I am coming back for more when I get back there, the zip line most especially. And oh, Superman please wait for me! HAHA!c360_2017-02-28-19-59-53-183
  2. Mambukal Falls – Forgive my pose here little young ones but I was just feeling the moment at that time. Because just imagine that the three of us, Joiz, Clara, and I, climbed that slippery, rocky, and steep trail of the mountain to closely encounter the 7 falls without any hiking gadgets, no trail foods and no hiking shoes *we were wearing our flipflops that time because we thought that the falls are just easy – peasy to climb* but we got it all wrong. HAHA! And that falls at my back was the 7th and it’s the biggest of them all too. We were able to feel the cold surge of the water from the top and took a lot of groupfies to cherish. 🙂c360_2017-02-28-20-00-21-901
  3. The Ruins – Alas! For me this was the highlight of our last day in Bacolod, The Ruins. It was so enchanting and the story behind it was even more magical. Good thing when we went there around two in the afternoon, there were only few tourists who were roaming around the corridors so the three of us were able to take as much pictures as we want without so many photo bombers. The ambiance is addicting because of the trees and colorful flowers. The entire place including the fountain, the wide field filled with flowers near the lake, and the important artifacts and documents were properly preserved by the people assigned here and I truly commend them for their hard work and dedication.c360_2017-02-28-19-59-32-952

So these were the highlights of my travel experience in Bacolod. Have you been here already? If yes, then how was your experience? Have you tried Kansi? And if not, I hope that someday you would be able to visit and enjoy their most visited local tourist attractions and local foods too. And when you do then drop by here in my blog and feel free to share what you’ve experienced. I’ll be happy to read them.

And so this ends our Throwback Thursday segment for today. I hope that you will have a good and terrific Thursday with the ones you love and rest assured that I will also do the same little young ones.

Hugs and kisses and everything nice,

From Your Pandora ♥


02 / 23 / 17


A beautiful Thursday little young ones. I hope you had a goodnight sleep last night and have enough strength to face a new day. Cheer up it’s Thursday and just one more day to go and together we will greet the weekend with a big smile. Are you excited? I hope you are.

But first, in order for me to fully enjoy my weekend, I need to focus on the task that my reporting team lead asked me to do. And I am honestly and seriously not liking it. I mean, I am up for the challenge because the task is new to me but on the other hand I don’t find it normal for an employee who only has five more working days left to be assigned with a task that needs so much preparation and brainstorming. *smirking* I just don’t understand it but I’ll work on it anyway (to kill time while they are still paying me in the office). I’ll just give my best shot on this besides I find this task less burdening than theirs so who am I to complain, right?

I’ll just breathe in the good and breathe out the bad.

And yes, today’s another shot for our Throwback Thursday segment and I have three epic pictures from my previous getaways. I hope you will like them. 🙂

  1. Sand on our feet or our feet on the sand? – HAHA! This photo was taken a year ago when my beloved high school friends decided to take a break from the city. In short, random, crazy, and unplanned moments. And it’s our second South Bound trip for that year too. Thanks to Chieve (My best friend’s car) and to Abin (Keshang’s boyfriend) who became our driver for that day. That was in Tingko, Alcoy, Cebu. It’s a public beach and the entrance fee is just cheap (P10.00 per head). We really had a lot of fun swimming and playing with the waves. We took a lot of groupfies too. And I am excited for our next escapade this coming April – City of Smiles see you very soon. But can you guess where my feet is? HAHA! #feetgazing #waveslap tbt01
  2. Bike Riding to the Boulevard – This was taken last year when we (Joiz, Keshang, Ayano, Aldin, and Me) decided to tour around the boulevard and just took a breather near the beautiful shore of Siargao. We rented a bike for P50.00 each and that was good for 3 hours only. But if you want to rent a bike for one whole day then you will only pay it for P150.00. Isn’t it amazing? Anyhow, I am sharing this photo to you little young ones because I find it so cute. Cute in a way that the bikes were parked properly while we were sitting so calmly in the shore benches. We were reminiscing about our high school days, laughing at our own crazy mistakes and embarrassing moments, past dreams, and our plans for the future. Though we always say that we never leave high school but we can also never deny the fact that we are all growing and trying our hardest to live with our dreams and keeping track with our goals. #friendships #bikeriding #stargazingtbt2
  3. Peace Sign in Pagudpud – I know that it’s just a simple pose with the sea but what made this photo so memorable was that I was already at the tip or shall I say at the end of Luzon. It means that the location from where I was standing is just 10, 669 miles away to Batanes Island. Goodness! I admit that I love my whole stay in Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte but I have also  wish to visit Batanes Island someday. Someday. 🙂tbt3

This is all for now little young ones. I hope that you will have something memorable to do for this day so that you can add these in your memory box. More treasured memories, more stories to share. Do you agree? How about you little young ones, what are your top 3 throwback pictures or memories for today that you would like to share?

Anyhow, keep smiling and living little young ones. Life’s a gift. Let’s spend it well.

Hugs and kisses,

From Your Pandora ♥

01 / 25 / 17

who goat wednesday


Today’s another round of our Who – goat Wednesday little young ones but before that let me first greet you an awesome Wednesday! Are you having a good and happy day today? I hope you all are but in my case, it’s more on the bad but I won’t let that freaking negative vibes stress me out. Like bring it on problems! HAHA!

So for today, I was actually thinking of sharing that favorite piece of mine from my favorite “Six Word Story” page however, I could not find that exact caption in Google but instead I found this piece from R.M. Drake and it says:


This is true. Right?

Whether we deny it or not but still we cannot hide within ourselves that one way or another there was or were  a time in our worldly existence where we became a part of something or to someone even if we are already apart from those stuff or from them *most especially*. And that feeling of emptiness somehow will not literally hunt us down to the very end but at some point, it will actually trigger our history. Recollection of our pain, sorrow, anger, fear, worries, and perhaps hate  and  broken promises may sink in out of nowhere but these little young ones are normal. That was our past, our history. And that’s what makes us who are NOW. Let’s not fret. Let’s steady our hearts. The fact that we are still alive today means that we still have enough time to correct it, if we can; to forgive; to accept; and to completely be happy despite of that little piece that was taken away from us.

Life must go on. There’s no other way but up. Do you agree little young ones? So let’s keep on moving forward and do whatever it takes to be who we truly are regardless of our pasts.

This is all for today because it’s time for me to work already. I love you little young ones. Stay safe, always.

Hugs and kisses,

From Your Pandora ♥


01 / 05 / 17


Happy Thursday to you.

Happy Thursday to me.

Happy Thursday! Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday to us little young ones!

I am happy and excited because it’s my baby brother’s 14th birthday. And since it’s his special day today, I am going to share and introduce him to you little young ones. And I will let you know more significant people in my life as well. I hope you don’t mind me doing that little young ones. HEHE!

Anyhow, here’s my dorky baby brother (please refer to the pictures below) and since his birthday falls on the 5th of January, I am sharing my Top 5 favorite throwback pictures of him and I while putting some inputs about him.

  1. His First Communion Goofy Face – His name’s Jan Anthony Damos Mendoza III. His second name was derived from my grandfather’s first name “Antonio” and adding ‘III’ because he is already in the third blood line of the Mendoza’s. And so this photo was taken outside the church during his First Communion. He was really excited that time. I really took a day off just to spend that one whole day with him and my Nanay Merlyn. Well, no need to explain more on how goofy and dorky he is because his facial expression and how he makes faces already defined him too well. But even if this baby brother of mine is sometimes very hardheaded, he is also sweet on his own little ways. Sometimes his actions are unpredictably sweet.janjan02
  2. First Family Trip to Bohol – This picture was taken inside the fast cargo going to Bohol. It was our first – ever family outing to celebrate my Papadearest and younger sister’s birthday. My brother has a phobia with water either it’s a pool, beach, or any vessel that crosses a large body of water regardless of the duration. He almost drown when he was still 7 years old while he was playing in the kiddie pool and that’s why he is not a big fan of any beach or pool outing anymore. And at that time, I was calming him down by allowing him to play on my phone and telling him that I’ll be sitting beside him. But as dorky as ever, he enjoyed the whole time in the jet. He played with my nephew and almost  drained my phone’s power too. I call him Kuya because he prefers to be called that way  instead of calling him ‘Bunsoy’ which means ‘youngest’. He kept telling us that he is no longer a baby. He is very lazy in terms of house chores but definitely not on his studies. Good thing! HAHA.janjan06
  3. Awkward Pose with the famous Chocolate Hills – Oh! That beautiful background by the way little young ones is the famous Chocolate Hills in Bohol. We are actually at the top of a tower where tourists can stay and take photos of the view but *there’s a big BUT* you need to climb up the 455 steps up just to get to the top. Tough thing to do, right? But my sister, this kiddo, and I made it to the top and going down as well. That’s the reason why my Mamadearest and Papadearest just stayed at the reception area with my nephew and just watched the kids performed a traditional Boholano dance. They don’t want to tire themselves in short. HAHA! We did a lot of jump shots and crazy poses there because there were only few of us who have reached the top so fast. Well, my brother is very hyper in terms of action games. He loves to play basketball and soccer. He loves playing DOTA too. janjan05
  4. Sitting comfortably in my lap like a Baby – This was inside Tatay Gucci’s car. Since we were 8 people inside the car, we tried to fit ourselves accordingly and comfortably? HAHA! This pic was taken while we were on our way home after a quick visit to Temple of Leah. I let my sister and this kiddo joined our team’s fun activity since we have nothing to do on that weekend as well. He was very happy being able to visit that place. He was very fascinated by the architectural structures, the big sculptures, and carvings. He was even delighted to know more about Greek mythology just like I do. Though this kiddo is very hype but he is honestly very shy in front of the unfamiliar crowd except to my friends whom he have met already like my best friend Joiz. He is not easily swayed with food but when he is terribly in the mood just don’t expect that he’ll leave a piece for you. His appetite is very big. I guess that’s the reason why he is now taller than me and seriously heavy and bulky. HAHA!janjan04
  5. His Coronation Night as a Handsome Prince – The Crown Prince’s Coronation Night. Kidding! He was actually crowned as the Second Prince during our hometown’s fiesta celebration and he felt sad because he did not win the first prize. He really likes walking with the crown on his head because for him ‘he looks super handsome and cool’. Little did he know that my whole family was so proud of him already. He conquered his own fear by making a good walk, waving and smiling in front of the people he barely knew. My Mamadearest even prepared for his attire that night and I? Well, as usual, I was being a stage Ate again with my all out support by documenting his milestone. Again, this kiddo may lack confidence sometimes and is very playful and bully but he is very sweet and clingy especially once he grows attachment to you already.janjan03


So this is my not so baby brother anymore. I hope that one day, if he’ll be able to cross my blog and read on this, he would tickle my soles and run after me for showing these pictures to you but at the same time would sweetly thanked me for being his elder sister. I know that he is somewhat influenced by his peers right now and oftentimes being scolded by my Papadearest for doing some troublesome acts lately but I hope and constantly pray that he will not be mislead to greater horrors of the reality that the new generations are on. I know that he is still young and much of a dreamer. He’s very ambitious and I can really attest to it based on his dream board at home or on the crumpled pieces of notes on his closet. Yes, I know but I hope that he will really craved for more passion on the things that could truly give meaning to his life.

My only wish for him is that he would grow with so much respect and wisdom and courage that even hate and fears could not defy him. I hope that he will always remember to be grateful for the little things in life. For him to appreciate more on what’s outside the box. And as he slowly unfolds his own journey into this world, I would love him to remember inside his heart that I will always be here for him no matter what it takes even if he doesn’t like me to. HAHA! He will always have a friend in me, a confidant, a cheer leader, a nurse, and most of all a big sister for him.

Good evening little young ones. I hope you won’t have troubles sleeping tonight because tomorrow is already Friday. Just one more day and it’s already weekend. So enjoy the rest of your Thursday little young ones. ♥