06 / 28 / 17



Hi little young ones! Bright Wednesday to you all. Do you find my Wednesday segment header cute? Because I really think it is. 

Anyways, how are you doing today little young ones? Is life easy on you today or is it a bit pushy? If you’re having an easy day today then that’s good to hear. I hope that you will continue doing on what you are good at to maintain an easy and smooth sailing life. But if it’s the other way around, then I am knocking on your inner self and say something out loud “DO NOT EVER GIVE UP”, alright? Now can you hear me? 🙂

Obviously I’m calling my new Wednesday segment as “What if Wednesday”. I know that  a lot of people asked this question so many times but most of them were left unanswered, right? And like you little young ones, I have a lot of ‘what if’ questions too and I’m going to share some of them here in my blog. I have answers to some of my what if questions but for others, I left them unanswered because I have no regrets for saying or doing it. 😉

So my first “What if” question is:

What if I did not become a nurse?


This is an easy one.

Yes, I admit that if I did not took up nursing in college then I would have taken up Psychology as my preparatory for my goal to become a lawyer. But it’s no secret as well that I love to teach. So if I wasn’t a nurse then probably I’d become a preschool teacher. I love writing, reading, and literally teaching kids. I love playing around with them and singing bubbly action songs. I love to inculcate into the minds of the little ones of how important life is. That happiness is rare but it can be everywhere if we become one or create one. I want the little ones to have a very beautiful childhood memory, something that they could treasure for life. 

Do you think I’d be a good teacher if I was one? What do you think little young ones? 🙂 

Anyhow, if you aren’t what your career is now then what would you have become little young ones? Care to share. I’ll be waiting. ☺️☺️☺️

04 / 19 / 17

who goat wednesday


Good evening and a great Wednesday to you little young ones. How are you doing? Is Ms. Luna shining bright right now in your place? I hope she does because it’s so bright out here. They say it’s “Green Moon” tonight. Is it true?

Anyhow, I am really thinking if I would be able to pull off my Who-goat Wednesday segment for today or not since I couldn’t think of any hugot line to share. I don’t feel like being sentimental today so instead of sharing another hugot line I thought of sharing a question instead. Would that be alright?

And my question is:


Did this question cross your mind like ever? If not, then to whom would you like to ask this question with? If yes, who was the first person that comes into your mind? Quite difficult right? I took a deep sigh actually when I first saw this question. And though I have been familiar with it but I couldn’t compose myself as to whom I should be asking this question just yet or maybe never? Who knows. *shoulder shrug*


That’s all I got after so much of thinking. Somebody that I used to know actually threw this question straight to my face before. I was innocently caught off guard and all I ever said was, “Then you would never know how coward you are.” 

He nodded. That’s all he did for he knew I was right. He kept on insisting that he was stupid. That he was not the right person for me. That my family and friends were right about him. Well, I couldn’t disagree for he was right at some point except for the part that he would really insist that he was stupid because he wasn’t. For me he was more of a coward rather than stupid. He wasn’t ready just yet and I have been aware of it from the very beginning. That’s why we ended up having ‘no label’. When things got pretty serious that was also the time that he started to fear about commitment and such. So I helped him realize. At first, it went so smooth like a fairy tale like kind of thing but it became impossible after he made something unforgivable. And that’s how our story ended. But no worries, we’re still friends – for real. Why?Because having regrets to people and the things that you used to love will definitely leave scars and I don’t like it. And I believed that you don’t like it either, right?

So yes! This is my reflection for that question. How about you little young ones? Have you ever ask this question to someone? And if that someone ask you this question, would you dare answer him or her straight? Can’t wait to hear your answer here in my blog. I’ll be waiting, alrighty?

I’m out for now. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday. Keep safe and stay happy. I love you earthlings.

Hugs and kisses and all the little things,

From Your Pandora ♥

P. S. Always remember.


03 / 15 / 17

who goat wednesday

Wishful morning little young ones. Wake up! Wake up! Today’s Wednesday so let’s start our day right. I won’t be asking you to be toiling so hard but not too much slacking off as well. Remember, we have to cherish every waking day here on Earth. What I am trying to say is that whatever we do today let’s make sure that it is for the good and it’s something that our future self would thank us for.

So today, I am going to share another hugot – ish piece for our Who – goat Wednesday segment. And it’s just so timely that The Vampire Diaries Finale was out and I just can’t! I honestly did not watch the last episode yet but I checked some spoilers and short video clips of the most important scenes and it made me cry just by watching those, how much more if I watch the whole episode already.

Ever since the start of the show, I have been a Team Delena fan both real and reel. I just love them. Then I also shipped Team Steroline *though I was arguing with myself if it should be Team Klaroline*. Like I shipped Stefan and Caroline so bad for so many reasons. Imagine from being friends, to best friends, to almost enemies, then to lovers. They even got married! That’s why the epic ending of the show gave me so much sepanx (Separation anxiety). 

And so today, I’m going to share my most favorite scene of the two aside from their instant, unprepared vows during their wedding of course. And here it is:

Look at that stare from Stefan! Have you seen that episode? That epic dance scene? I knew from that scene on that Julie Plec would really shift their story into something more. And that’s the start of their story, their epic love story.

Alright. So why this scene is my favorite? Because in that scene, Caroline was being too honest to Stefan without the intention of leading Stefan to her. Leading in a sense that she’s not trying to give Stefan a signal to like her or love her instead but rather she is comforting Stefan’s poor heart after the Delena thing. Caroline was there for him as a friend and a companion for she knew that Stefan needed it more than anything. Telling him that someday he would be able to moved on from his one great love for Elena and also for the sake of his beloved brother. That one day without realizing it that he  too would also find his one epic love. They even recalled this scene during their wedding vows. And that’s why this scene is my favorite. There is genuine connection between the two. How they started, how they struggled, and how they survived it together without realizing that they were really meant to be with each other and for each other. And that’s why it didn’t work out with the other characters in the show because theirs will be epic.

And yes, maybe I’m being biased because like I said I shipped them so hard but who else here loves them too? I believed that I am not alone cheering for these two characters to be sailing together and I am also not alone sharing the same heartache after the ending. Right?

I know that it’s part of the show. To add spice and to get the viewers sympathy and support. But little young ones this can also happen in reality. That after so many heartbreaking and almost giving up moments of our lives, time will come that someone out there would help us pick ourselves up, patch the broken pieces if it’s a must, make us see the better side of who we are even with our flaws and imperfections, and someone that would lead us to appreciate life to a much greater perspective.

Oh well! Life is full of mystery and we must be observant enough to truly see its beauty. Do you agree? And I’m planning to watch the last episode later and for sure I will cry so hard so I’m going to prepare a box of tissue or boxes? HAHA!

Anyways, have a happy day little young ones. Stay tuned for more updates from my weekly segments and random blog posts. Stay safe and enjoy life to the fullest. I love you.

Lots of love,

From Your Pandora 💙

P. S. This pup wants to make you smile too.

03 / 08 / 17

who goat wednesday

Happy afternoon little young ones! It’s another Who – goat Wednesday segment for us and I’m a bit hyped *maybe it’s because of the coffee* and I’m thinking if I would succeed in sharing something hugot – ish. LOL!

Oh today’s not so sunny and the weather forecaster said that it might rain here in Cebu City later this afternoon or maybe tonight. A low pressure is indicated too somewhere near Mindanao area. I just hope it won’t become a typhoon.

Alright, so here’s my piece for today.

Do you agree? Can you relate? Do you think he or she will eventually miss you like that? Or would it be the other way around?

I keep on saying this over and over again – to myself and to everyone, “It’s alright if you miss him or her.” We will always have that kind of moment. We simply couldn’t erase or remove a particular memory of someone in our system. It stays there whether we like it or not, unless we have something wrong going on with our brain like an amnesia or something.

But hey, cheer up kiddo! Let that memory, be it good or bad to stay to where it is right now – a memory. That’s part of who we are now. Let it be. 

At some point, there maybe some regrets and that we felt guilty for not doing or saying this or that but human as we are we sometimes got too overly emotional. We get carried away by our feelings or the situation. But someday, those memories will be overruled and be replaced with another memory, a beautiful one. Then it would make us realize why it happened and ended that way and why it didn’t work out with him or her. There is always a reason why.

And yes, we might still miss him or her from time to time but don’t let it blind us. We have to open ourselves to start again, to begin again. To appreciate life, to love ourselves more, and to be grateful to those people or significant someone who stayed with us after everything.

Maybe time will come that that someone will come across a certain memory of you – maybe he or she will miss you, think of you, felt regretful for letting things happened that way or maybe not. But please, whatever he or she may feel upon bumping into that memory lane of you – never let hate eat you alive. Do not wish for him or her to suffer or not to be happy. Do the other way around instead. Life becomes better that way. Do you agree with me?

Again, I’m being too dramatic. HAHA! I just miss a friend. Oh well! Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday little young ones. Stay cool and be positive that there will always be someone out there waiting for you, missing you. The Man above does, always.

Lots of love,

From Your Pandora ♥

P. S. Always remember.

03 / 01 / 17

who goat wednesday

1st of March.

Warm and witty Wednesday to you little young ones. It’s my last day here in the office *though I still have to work later for my Wednesday shift* and I am seriously emotional about it. Anyhow, it’s another Who – goat Wednesday segment for today and I’m going to share a piece from Lang Leav’s book ‘Lullabies’ entitled “The End”.



Why this piece? Because it reflects here that whatever kind of love that you have right now whether it’s a love assumed, a secret love, a one – sided kind of love, a love that can never be, a love that was, a love that should have been, or a love that was taken for granted could really affect our judgment and feelings. How it cuts deep from within no matter how hard we fake it.

Feelings. Something that we could not control. For we know that there are things that we could hardly explain in words and only in silence could we deal with it more. Then it’s alright. But it’s never wrong to express your heart as well and I pointing out those gutsy people, those brave heart out there who would rather show what they truly mean rather than keeping distant. If it would help you feel better, go on and let the Earth be your eyes and your ears.

And in this piece he said, “I don’t know what to say.”


It could be through words like saying it personally or by the way he acts towards you but nevertheless, the thought is still the same – He doesn’t know. If you hear someone say these words to you, how would you interpret? How would you react? Would you respond the same way as the girl did in this piece?

Because I could still remember that I have blurted these exact words to someone. It was all in the past now and that someone is still and will always be a dear friend to me. But yes, I told him that. But the Man above knows too well that I did not intend to hurt him. I was just caught off guard. I felt betrayed. I was amazed but was taken aback at the same time. But then again, we both let bygones be bygones and we are good buddies until now.

But if you were to ask me if somebody had ever said those words to me? Maybe, yes but not the exact words though but with the same thought and intention. And I was flabbergasted and bothered. Because I have thought that we could happen but we didn’t make it. I doubted and questioned myself. Was it painful? I was so sure as fudge that it was very painful but I survived. Life must go on.

And here the woman answered, “It’s okay – I know what we are and I know what we are not.”


Big word. But is it really okay to be okay about it?

Like honestly, I must say –  IT IS NOT OKAY. Disclaimer: Though it differs on our coping mechanism but damn nothing worth having comes easy and if you believed that that love was worth having and then lost it, it would definitely hurt like pretty seriously. And the fact that a piece of you is shattered into pieces somewhere inside then ‘being okay’ will not be part of the options just yet. Pain will be too consuming, suffocating but eventually after a long, long time of thinking, of prioritizing yourself first over anyone and anything worldly, and of loving yourself back again – acceptance will flourish naturally.

And I must say, it is not easy but if you love yourself more and more then you will truly know that you are worth fighting, worth loving, and worth living for. And yes, it is not okay at first but eventually it will. It takes time and enough courage to see the good despite that heartbreaking experience because wallowing over the things that we can never take control of is a legit suicide mission. Do you agree?

And yes, we may have different ways of describing the severity of pain, we have our own ways of healing, and we have our unique response towards becoming better and better day after day but the most important thing that we should keep in mind is that we learned from it.

Hugs and kisses and everything nice,

From Your Pandora ♥


02 / 22 / 17

who goat wednesday


Hello little young ones!

Wake up! Wake up! It’s a brand new day. Time to get productive.

I know what you’re thinking right now. Maybe you’re wondering why I’m too early for my Who – Goat Wednesday segment, right? And I agree with you. I’m such an early bird to post for today’s piece  but I’ll post it anyway before I get caught up with my workloads AGAIN.

So my entry for today’s hugot line would be this:


“You almost convinced me that I mattered.”

Have you ever experienced being in a situation where you have doubted yourself for quite some time or that trusting someone is literally hard to do then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, someone uninvited would bring himself or herself into your life and convinced you that ‘you mattered’?

Well little young ones, to be honest with you – I had experienced it. And I’m sure as fudge that it turned my world *the world that I built for myself* upside down. Why? Because I trusted. NO. Because he convinced me to trust him.


One word but cuts deep.

But even if it’s just an ‘almost’  we still can never deny the truth that a part of us allowed that someone to consume us in a way that he or she made us believed that we could trust them. Trusted them that we mattered to him or to her.

But then that someone failed us. Failed us in a way that he or she turned out to the person that he or she promised not to be. Proving our family and friends that they were right and that you were wrong.

But hey, please let’s cut some slack on ourselves. Life’s like that and it’s normal. We trust. Failures come and go. But what matters is how we respond to them. So enough of the bitterness and hang ups from what had already been done and long gone. Instead, let’s focus on the now. Which leads us to the last line of the quote and it says, ‘I mattered’.

I mattered.

I believed that I mattered. The Man above created me to explore His other creations and with that reason alone is already enough for me to believe that I mattered. I don’t need anybody’s approval or reassurance for me to understand my life’s purpose here in this world. because this is something innate. And it truly depends upon us on how we carry ourselves, how we respond, how we take control. The choice is always and always ours. It’s freely given to us. And if I believed in myself that I mattered then –

So are you.

You little young ones mattered too. You just have to find the real you from within. And yes, there maybe a lot of factors on the outside that could make or break us but please, never ever let it define you. You are not your mistakes. You are not your past. You are who you are from within. Remember that.

Well, this is all for now little young ones. I hope that you will have a very wonderful and beautiful Wednesday. Please stay safe, warm, and gay.

Lots of love,

From Your Pandora ♥

02 / 08 / 17

who goat wednesday

Hi my dear little young ones. This is my super late post for my Who – Goat Wednesday for you. Forgive me for not keeping on track with the date. *I’m just super busy processing my separation thing here in the office so that I could properly process my resignation* Anyhow, how are you doing? I hope today, Thursday, will be a bright and happy day for you. And since it’s just five days to go before Valentines, I would like to share this thought that caught my attention while I was checking on my Facebook feeds. But before that I would like to know, are you excited, giddy, scared, or bitter for the coming Valentines Day? Are you a #TeamBitter or a #TeamForever? HAHA. BUT whichever team you are in what’s important is that you never fail to smile today and for the rest of our waking days here on Earth.

Alright, so this is that thought that I mentioned:


Do you agree or do you agree?

I believe that we all agree to this. And this is not just for men but BOTH. No matter what you do, whatever possessions you have, and whoever you are with right now – it will never be enough for someone who isn’t, still, and will not be ready to give genuine affection and firm commitment to you. In short, someone who is not ready to settle.

Always remember little young ones these three life principles: Don’t rush love. Maintain that self – respect. And never ever let yourself to be just an option. You deserve to have the right kind of love, the Godlike love when you least expect it. Alright?

Lots of love,


Your Pandora ♥