she found herself running again.
but this time,
no one is chasing her.
not fear, not doubt,
and not even the regret of her past.
she ran because she must.
she needs to.
she knows she’s too vulnerable.
too fragile, too trusting.
she believes that if she’s worthy enough.
she will be found and not the one who finds.
the one being fought for and not the one who keeps on fighting.
in a battle she could not win over.
she hopes that she doesn’t have to hide anymore.
and still yes, she seeks to be the one.
but not the one who loves more than the other.
and so she is running.
with her bare feet
and her heart open.
praying to the Man above.
to make her so ready
to finally find that freedom
that feels like home.



05 / 05 / 17


Hello little young ones! Good afternoon to all of us. It’s quite hot outside, right? Anyways, I have two good news for you. First, I just came from the hospital and had my final interview with the Administration Attorney and I passed! I am now officially employed as a Probationary Nurse and five months after that I’ll be regularize. Please help me pray for that because that’s my next goal. And my second good news is, I am now starting to outline the theme and topics for my alternate weekly segments.

As you all know, I already started it yesterday with my Three Things Thursday which I will be posting interchangeably with my Throwback Thursday segment. And today, instead of posting my Friday Picture Challenge, I will be posting my first ever “Five Word Friday”. I got this idea because I am such a fan of Six Word Poetry and I thought of making something like it but one word less. Tough thing to do but I am up for the challenge. I am also encouraging you little young ones to comfortably share your own five word Friday story in the comment box. Alrighty? 😉 🙂

And this is my first Five Word Friday.

“I should have known better”

Lots of love and all the little things,

From Your Pandora 💙