05 / 08 / 17


Good evening little young ones! I’m sorry to keep you waiting for our latest Monday segment. I was so busy with some hospital assignments then I spent my whole afternoon in Joiz house, which I call “adopt-a-friend-catching-up-session”. LOL!

Well, I actually accompanied Joiz to fit her gown for Keshang’s wedding this Thursday since she will be the Maid of Honor. And OMG! It’s just three nights away and my dear friend will officially become Mrs. Verano! HAHA!

Anyways, my Monday segment will be all about movies particularly famous movie lines. I came up with this idea because I love watching movies and I really take note with some lines that catches my attention. Most of the time. So the very first movie line that I will be sharing is from the movie “Cinderella Story” featuring Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray.


I cried a river after watching this movie because Samantha played by Hilary is a daddy’s girl and she really get her strength from her father. And that line up there was what her father always toldΒ her every time she feels down or at the verge of giving up. It’s the same with me.

I am a certified Papa’s girl. I share everything to him even my crushes and sorrows. He is someone that I always treasure and look up to. When I’m down and lonely, I always remember his words of wisdom and it never fails to cheer me up. My father is not a perfect Papa but he is the right Papa for me.

How about you little young ones, do you like this movie line? What or who do you remember when you think of it? I’ll be waiting for you to share but for now I have to sleep early because I have a training at 7 AM tomorrow. Have a sweet night little young ones. Pray before you sleep. :*

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